FinancialForce Case Study

Client delivers ERP at Customer Speed.The FinancialForce API helps in the business operations on the core document types such as Sales Invoices, Purchase Invoices, Credit Notes, Journals and Cash Entries. These operations allows the creation, editing, posting and other document­ specific business functions such as Invoice Schedules.These APIs provide the developer with the opportunity to develop alternate user interfaces or flows.


  • Gathering the information of the projects at one place.
  • Management of the resources used in the projects.
  • Managing the daily output of the resources and also managing the total hours of work done on a project.
  • Managing overall resources and projects on daily or weekly basis.


  • The app built by Astrea contains a dropdown list of projects, a data picker and 5 buttons.
  • There are start day and end day buttons that are used to show the assignments assigned to the selected project.
  • List is displayed of all the tasks of the selected project and all the resources who have worked in the selected week can also be seen.
  • Expenses of each assignment can be evaluated easily.


  • Thus the app helps in keeping the track of all the resources utilized in a project and also the number of working hours of a particular resource and also of the project.
  • All the projects are listed along with the date in the app.
  • The app helps in finding all the details at one place. Also the resources and expenses made by them are managed properly through the app.
  • Proper Management of resources and projects.