Customizing FinancialForce apps delivers ERP at Customer Speed.The FinancialForce API helps in the business operations on the core document types such as Sales Invoices, Purchase Invoices, Credit Notes, Journals and Cash Entries. These operations allows the creation, editing, posting and other document­ specific business functions such as Invoice Schedules.These APIs provide the developer with the opportunity to develop alternate user interfaces or flows.

Astrea's expertise on FinancialForce

  • Professional Services Automation Software(PSA)
  • Financial Management Software
  • Human Capital Management(HCM)


Astrea’s expertise in PSA includes managing your

  • Resources
  • Sales
  • Talent
  • Billing and Revenue
  • Reports and Dashboards
Astrea will give you the power to strengthen your revenue growth and improve customer satisfaction.


Astrea has expertise in Financial Management in following domains

  • Management of Revenue
  • Managing cost and expenses
  • Inventory Management
  • Managing Finances and Accounting
Astrea helps the organization in customization of their financial operations and also automate their processes which simplifies the tasks. Customer Management is maintained while knowing the benefit of everything that is been done.


Astrea’s expertise in HCM involves managing

  • Human Resources
  • Employee
  • Workforce
  • Reports on Workforce
Astrea helps in managing all the employees on one Platform. Trainings, Recruitments everything is managed easily and the analytics are done everyday along with day to day reports of all the employees.