Get Safely Back to Work with Salesforce

Coronavirus impact continues to take its toll on people and businesses around the globe, as the world is fighting these unprecedented times, getting back to work remains a challenge across the world. States in countries across the globe, affected least by COVID-19, have started to lift lockdown as per their local government orders, allowing organizations to reopen their offices for the first time in well over a month.

Client Relationships While Working Remotely

This has presented many leaders a rather confusing situation to make sure about balancing public safety along with major day-to-day operations adjustments during an ongoing pandemic. To assist with the situation, Salesforce recently presented, a set of solutions targeted for organizations to reopen safely and adjust their policies in real time. Full suite of components of will be released in June.

Why is necessary? makes it easier for the organization to quickly adapt to the situation and by providing a set of focused tools to help businesses and communities across the globe to reopen safely, re-skill employees and respond efficiently to COVID-19 outbreak. Feature set of is very extensive and are briefed below:

Client Relationships While Working Remotely

Workplace Command Center

The command center is a single reference point for business leaders to get a 360-degree view of reopen-to-work readiness across locations, employees, customers and visitors, makedecesions based on data, take necessary action and communicate effectively.

The command center allows businesses to bring together trusted, reliable data from internal resources and employee wellness from surveys, create and diffuse important employee communications at scale, and access public data through the Tableau COVID-19 data hub. Users can also add on MuleSoft and other 3rd parties to integrate additional data sources and Tableau for more custom data visualizations.

Contact Tracing

It allows leaders from both public and private sectors to manually trace health and relationship contacts in a safe and private manner, by utilising data collected from infected individuals who or potentially exposed to an infectious disease. It helps in creating display maps of contacts and locations to monitor potential interactions and outbreak.

Emergency Response Management

A suite of products built in assistance with Accenture that permit government agencies, health organizations looking after the public to deliver help, care and deploy resources and services in an urgent manner.

Enabling contact tracers by health institutions for the public can protect communities from widespread effects to effectively record and understand data to help in quickly sort and evaluate patients; and help in ongoing engagement and monitoring. Local government agencies can help in streamline emergency response operations and approvals to deploy resources and schedule emergency services.

Employee Wellness

It allows business leaders to collate the data required to monitor and analyze employee and visitor health and wellness. Companies can build employee health surveys, monitor wellness inclinations and utilize data data to make intelligent decisions on joining back to work along with keeping employee health information secure.

Shift Management and Planning

It empowers organizations to plan their return of employees to the office by managing their shifts capabilities which can help reduce office density. Furthermore, companies can avoid large groups gathering in the office or elevators and by practicing spatial distance and managing breaks, which also includes scheduling of third-party vendor services.

myTrailhead for Employees

It brings content to help Salesforce users and employees to learn skills on new ways of working with training and wellness programs. Further, businesses can ensure returning employees follow and comply with new safety policies and have the information they need to succeed.

Volunteer & Grants Management

It allows organizations to fulfill their relief packages with flexible, scalable tools that smooth out volunteer coordination and grant-making processes. With it now every organization will be able to carry out their mission successfully with having the right set of volunteers to their matching events and automate grant lifecycle management.

Client Relationships While Working Remotely

There is still no assured answer on how long this pandemic will continue to spread around the globe. We're now living in a new normal from a social and professional standpoint, and there's no returning back. Salesforce has taken up a very challenging task of making sure businesses seamlessly handle safety of their employees, educating and reskilling them with new expertise and knowledge about COVID-19 and making sure work resumes safely.