Getting Ready for Dreamforce’17

Dreamforce is Salesforce annual event where Salesforce customers, partners and employees participate to share knowledge and discuss upcoming features. Dreamforce is one of the most important and popular technology shows. It hosts more than 100,000 attendees from all across the globe every year. Dreamforce this year is being held from November 6th to 9th, 2017 at San Francisco, CA.

People planning to attend Dreamforce usually start preparing for it months before the event. Which sessions to attend, which keynotes should be kept on top priority, planning business meetings and so on are on the picklist of the people attending Dreamforce. Astrea has always been active participant in the Dreamforce. Like past two years, this year also Astrea has created two resources for people attending Dreamforce, namely, Astrea's Dreamforce 2017 Cloud Expo Vendor Guide and Astrea’s Dreamforce Party App.

The two resources are designed in a way that can prove to be of great help for the people at Dreamforce. Let’s discuss the two resources in detail below.
  • Astrea's Dreamforce 2017 Cloud Expo Vendor Guide- The vendor directory constitutes all the vendors of the Dreamforce along with their booth location and website URL. The directory also categorizes the vendors according to their industry type, for example, Nonprofits, Communications, Media, etc. For a person looking for a specific industry type, can easily navigate through the vendor directory and search for the booth location of the desired vendor. The Expo guide also includes the Appexchange links to some of the organizations which gives more detailed information regarding the vendor. Here is the link to the guide


  • Astrea’s Dreamforce Party Managed package- The Dreamforce Party app is yet another resource for Dreamforce by Astrea. The app can be used to set up reminders for the events and social gatherings that you wish to attend at Dreamforce. The app creates the event in the Salesforce org. Thus, the user can analyze which parties or gatherings she wishes to attend and which she can skip for the day.
    Here is the link to the app


    Thus, the two Dreamforce resources by Astrea will ease your task at Dreamforce by giving you the booth locations of the vendors you want to visit and also by letting you pick the convenient parties in order to socialize with the people at Dreamforce.