Google Analytics Wave Connector App - Google Analytics Salesforce Integration

Astrea Google Analytics Wave Connector is an Einstein Analytics connector. The app provides the functionality of connecting Einstein Wave with Google Analytics. It has a simple to use interface which connects Salesforce with Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Wave Connector image1

The app can be downloaded from Appexchange.

Features of the app

  • The app synchronizes Google Analytics data to Salesforce Einstein Analytics studio.
  • Gets data from Google Analytics and create datasets into Einstein Analytics
  • Users can schedule the batch to get the data from Google Analytics to Einstein Analytics
  • After creating datasets, charts and dashboards can be developed to have better insights of the data

How the app works?

  • User needs to enter the client Id, client secret and then click on Authenticate button

    Google Analytics Wave Connector image2

  • In order to get the client ID and client secret, user needs to visit Google Analytics partner site and Login with their Google account from which they are tracking the website/Pages.
  • Enter Profile ID, start and End Date

    Google Analytics Wave Connector image3

  • Click on any Get Buttons to get data
  • After entering Profile ID, Start and End date, click on Schedule button
  • Enter Start, End and Schedule data according to the requirement

    Google Analytics Wave Connector image4

  • Click on any buttons to schedule the dataset
  • Reauthorize buttons will delete all custom settings and schedule jobs of the app

Some Sample Charts on Google Analytics Data:

Google_Analytics_Wave_Connector image5

Google_Analytics_Wave_Connector image6

You can also refer the User Manual for further details, from here