How to use Google Data Studio to get insights from Hubspot data?

Connect to HubSpot directly in a Google Data Studio report and visualize your data.

Google Data studio is a free business intelligence tool which helps you to get insights from your all types of data. So, this Data Studio Connector will make it easy for you to access all your HubSpot data directly from Google Data Studio . All the objects present in your HubSpot account is available, and you can easily select and view the records present in each object in your HubSpot.

To get access to the DataStudio connector you need to go through the authentication process to allow the connector to get access to your data.

How to authenticate DataStudio connector to access your Salesforce data.

Click on authorize and login from your HubSpot account to allow access.

Select Object to get data

Once you are connected, Data Studio will show a list of object to select from HubSpot account. Select the object you want to visualize, and click Connect.

Set up Metrics in Data Studio

Once you have selected the object, Data Studio will show you a list of all the fields of the object available from your HubSpot. This includes your Dimensions and Metrics.

If you find some of the metric names a little long and detailed, you can click on them to edit the name. You can also change the aggregation if you want.
If you need to change the Object or the limit of record, you can go back by clicking EDIT CONNECTION.

Though custom metrics/fields created in HubSpot are available in Data Studio, you can also use the "+" symbol at the top of the list to create a new field in Data Studio directly. Here's an example of how you can add a new field:

Visualize your data

When you have reviewed the fields, hit "create report" and start adding widgets. As your Hubspot Account may have a lot of fields, make sure to use the search feature of the"Metric Picker" to find the data you need.

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