HYDRA- A bulk cloner which can clone records with its child records

Hydra Component

Hydra is a lightning component that helps organizations clone a record of an object. Users can mention the number of clones to create. User may clone any number of objects records in short period of time. Hydra has many features which can help minimize the work in cloning object records. User may change the field values according to the requirements.

You can download the component from Salesforce Appexchange.

Key Features

Hydra lightning component has three main features:-

  1. Number of clones : Hydra provides a feature in which user can mention the number of cloned objects that are needed. All these records are created together.

  2. Edit rules : On clicking edit rule, you can change the field values for new record according to your requirements. If you want that the cloned object record should have a different name or different email then this can be done by edit rule.

  3. Related lists Cloning : On checking related list checkbox, you can clone the related list of that object. It is a very important feature of Hydra in which you can include related list of the record which is selected for the clone.

You may clone standard objects as well as custom objects. Hydra helps in minimizing the work as well as time in cloning records.

You can also refer the User Manual for further details, from here.