Ideas for Lightning Communities

Salesforce Lightning lacks the feature of Ideas unlike Salesforce Classic. Ideas for Lightning Communities is a component which helps in easily accessing the communities of users who can post, vote and comment on particular ideas. It provides the functionality of posting ideas about a specific topic without navigating back to Salesforce Classic.

Idea Lightning Communities

The component is available for download on Appexchange.

Key features of the Component

  • This component works for three Standard objects- Idea, Idea Comment and Community
  • The component has four subtabs namely, Popular Ideas, Recent-Ideas, Top All-Time and Comments
  • Users can simply post ideas and other users can share their views on the idea by commenting on it
  • All the feedback on the idea which are posted by the community members are organized by zones
  • By using this component, Users can easily perform calculation for the positive votes of the idea and also measure the popularity of an Idea
  • Picklist provides the users to filter the ideas according to categories

How the Component works?

  • Navigate to the app launcher and search IdeaApp
  • Add Idea tab in your org. Ideas will be displayed according to the zone selected. The default zone is Internal.

    Idea Lightning Communities
  • Users can post ideas by clicking on the “Post Ideas” button

    Idea Lightning Communities
  • Users can comment on a particular idea by clicking on Idea title link

    Idea Lightning Communities
  • Users can view all the recent ideas by clicking on Recent Ideas subtab
  • Users can view comments on a particular idea by clicking on “Comments” subtab

    Idea Lightning Communities

You can also refer the User Manual for further details, from here.