Tips to improve Performance of Klips in Klipfolio Dashboards


When a Klip is populating large amount of data in an unorganized manner there may be a chance the performance of the dashboard may decrease. Sometimes it is harder to tune performance issues after the Klip development. So there are some important considerations which we can follow while doing the Klip/Dashboard development. These considerations will help in building optimised Dashboards/Klips.

Important Considerations

All Formulas

  • Formulas can have up to 12 data sources and we can combine these data sources in a single Klip in Klipfolio. More data sources will result to a slower performance for a Klip. We have to ensure that users can access their data quickly. (
  • In case we have to implement if - else condition, we should check for the positive condition first, in order to improve Performance of Klips in Klipfolio Dashboards.
  • We can fetch data from more than one page using MAP and MAPFLAT function. If we have to implement any condition on entity fetched by MAP or MAPFLAT function so we should impose condition in the third parameter of function itself.

    MAPFLAT(NUMBERFORMAT(CUMULATIVE(REPEAT(1,15))),"page", IF(AND(COUNT(A:A)!=0, OR($Rep="All",$Rep=B:B),C:C="Sales Order", D:D="Submited", BETWEEN(DATE(E:E,"yyyy-MM-dd"), $from,$to)), DATE_CONVERT(F:F,"yyyy-MM-dd","dd MMM, yy"),BLANK()))

Klips per dashboard

Although each dashboard can contain up to 30 Klips (, Klipfolio suggests to have less than 15 Klips on a dashboard as it results in the need to scroll to find and view the ones you want and moreover it degrades performance of Klips in Klipfolio Dashboards.

Daily API Calls

Klipfolio supports up to five requests per second. Requests per day depends on your active plan and it can be increased by requesting Klipfolio at Further details can be seen at

Implement Period Drop Down via Date Selector

This is an advanced feature and save a lot of time at dashboard loading time. We could use two hidden drop-down selectors which gets calculate start and end dates as per selected period and use these dates to get data for selected period. In this way the formula will be precise and manageable. It is not good practise to increase the overhead of formulas as formulas are the contributing factor in the Klip performance.

Use of Pre-Built Klips/Dashboards

Klipfolio provides a wide range of pre built dashboards and Klips for popular API’s. You could use these pre-built Klips instead of building Custom Klips if your requirements full-fill with these pre-built Klips. You can add these pre-built Klips/Dashboards to your Klipfolio account in few clicks reducing the overhead of creating custom data sources via API queries and building Klips/Dashboards using them. Some pre-built klips are Google Analytics - Daily Overview, AdWords Keyword Performance, Facebook Post Engagement, Social Media - Overview, etc.
You may get the pre-built Klips/Dashboards for various data sources from Klipfolio Gallery by visiting following link:

PS : Astrea can help in improving the existing Klips performance and also provides services on customising any pre-built Klips. You can reach to us at