KayakoConnect: Integrate Kayako to Salesforce 2-way

KayakoConnect is a free Salesforce app available on appexchange KayakoConnect. This app connects Kayako with Salesforce and Salesforce with Kayako i.e. two-way connection is established through this app. It supports point and click graphical UI which is simple and easy to use.

The app provides bi-directional sync functionality hence a wide variety of features are available for connecting Salesforce to KayakoConnect and vice-versa.

User can perform operations like “Create Case(s)”, “Update Case(s)”, “View Case(s) Reply”, “Create Reply” and “Get Attachment” for any Contact record(s) of Salesforce using the app.

Features :-
  • Creating Case(s) from Salesforce into Kayako.
  • Updating Case(s) from Salesforce into Kayko.
  • Create Reply(s) from Salesforce into kayako.
  • View Case Reply(s) from Kayako to Salesforce for a particular Case.
  • View All Cases of the user from Kayako into Salesforce.
  • Agent can view case(s) based on Case Access given to the Agent.
The functionalities of the app are :-
  • Creating Cases from Salesforce into Kayako - The user can create Cases from the Salesforce Contact. They need to create the contact in Salesforce Instance with the valid email id such that emai-id can be used to create and fetch the cases from Kayako. The cases can be created or added by clicking on “Create Case” button after opening the contact details page which has been created. When first ticket will be created then a generated email will be send to the email account which has been added such that the case can be assigned to relevant user and reminders can be set on regular interval basis.

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  • Updating Cases from Salesforce into Kayako - The user can also update the case for that they have to click on the “Edit” button. This feature let user to change the details of the status, description, source, type, subject, etc. such that if there is any change in the information of the cases then it can be updated.

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  • Create Reply from Salesforce into Kayako - The user can create Reply (means a user can reply from Salesforce without login into Kayako Account)by clicking on “Create Reply” button for any Case. This feature helps to generate reply by simple methods. There is no need to go to fetch mail id and then reply but we can directly generate reply by clicking on the button.

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  • For getting the reply - User needs to click on “Get Reply” button and all the reply of the case will show on Pop-up window on the page.

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  • For getting attachment of the case - User need to click on “Get Attachment” button. If Attachment exists then it will show the attachment link otherwise “There is no attachment” message will display on Popup window.

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    The main differentiating feature of this app includes -
    • It establish 2 way sync between Salesforce and Kayako.
    • It uses graphical UI which is very easy to use.
    • A secure connection is established for safety purpose.