Klipfolio Dashboard- Integration of Klipfolio dashboard with MindBodyOnline API


A USA based consulting group having offices in Los Angeles and New York, which provides variety of services and products that solve the key needs of the entrepreneurs. These needs include: identifying new opportunities, developing business plans and raising capital. The customer also builds Business Intelligence Dashboards for entrepreneurs to track their sales and profits.


As our client is a large organization and has served more than 3,000 clients throughout the United States and also has connected to the network of professionals worldwide. They needed a sophisticated way to connect the Klipfolio Dashboard with MindBody API. Klipfolio is an online dashboard platform for building powerful real-time business dashboards that contains Reports, Key Performance Indicators using Charts etc. On the other hand MindBody (Online Web Service API) is a system for allowing third parties to programmatically access MINDBODY Online business logic and data. The API allows access to MINDBODY’s aggregate class and appointment data for third-party web and mobile developers, as well as integration with individual business websites. API is developed using industry standard technologies (XML web services, SOAP, WSDL) to allow the broadest possible compatibility with the least development time for both MINDBODY developers and third-party developers.

Moreover they wanted to show the data from more than 16 different MindBody Sites on Klipfolio dashboard. These different MindBody Sites are clinics, providing healthcare services. The data from these sites are related to Sales, Appointments, Arrivals, Staff Hours, Client Visits, Contact Logs, Client Purchase and Product Inventory. So we have to fetch this kind of data through custom API Queries. They want to have this business data at one place i.e. on the Klipfolio Dashboard and easily accessible from the Hand held Devices like Mobiles and Tabs. This will also help the client to eliminate blind spots in the business.


  • We have made dynamic data sources to fetch the required business data from the MindBody API Sites using Java Program. We have consumed the premium “Data Service” of the MindBody API. As it is SOAP based API and the data transportation format is XML, so we have also done parsing to get the data from the API and post it in xml based data source of the Klipfolio Dashboard.
  • To extract the data from the objects/methods of the Data Service of MindBody API, we have to use the SQL Statements in the SOAP Envelop of Request.
  • We have also made scheduler service to update the data source of Klipfolio Dashboard at regular intervals. This service will take regular updates from all the sites of MindBody API for the data source of Klipfolio Dashboard.


  • Now through this integration they are able to check their revenues of all the sites at one place.
  • We have reduced the load on the Klipfolio Dashboard by creating a Single Data Source for different sites available in the MindBody API.
  • They can also easily check their daily client visits/client logs at different sites and are able to make performance comparisons.
  • Data at their Fingertips like – Which site on which day enjoyed “Strong Sales”, which site had weak sales (so they can focus on fixing that) etc.

Now you can take a look at the functionality !!

Klipfolio dashboard with MindBodyOnline API Image1

Klipfolio dashboard with MindBodyOnline API Image2

Klipfolio dashboard with MindBodyOnline API Image3