Lightning Usage App

The Lightning Usage App tracks Assumptions and usage of Lightning Experience platform, so you can monitor the progress of your changes and understand your users’ needs.

In the wake of moving clients to Lightning Experience, ensure they're focused on working in the new interface. The Lightning Usage App lets you monitor adoption metrics, similar to everyday active Lightning Experience users, the number of clients exchanging back to Salesforce Classic, and the most visited pages in Lightning Experience. These experiences assist you with understanding your user's needs so you can concentrate on the issues that truly matter.

How to Access Lightning Usage App

  • Go to App Launcher (Lightning Usage App)
  • find and open the Lightning Usage App.
  • From the application, click Lightning Usage tab to see the related information.

    Lightning Usage App

Purpose of Lightning Usage App

  • User appropriations is the most significant thing. In the wake of moving all the clients with lightning, administrators need to see lots of things in Sales for org. What's going on, what number of clients are utilizing lightning, is it working fine or not? Which functionally clients are not utilizing, and so on.…
  • Lightning usage app is only accessible in Salesforce lightning.
  • It screens selection measurements, for example, what number of users utilizing lightning experience, number of users exchanging back to salesforce classic, most visited pages in lightning experience. Along these lines, the administrator can follow users exercises and he/she can concentrate on the user issues and resolve it.

A portion of the measurements accessible in the Lightning Usage App include:

  • Daily and month to month active users in Lightning Experience (and the Salesforce mobile application).
  • Daily and month to month changes to Salesforce Classic (total number of switches and the quantity of one of the unique clients that switched).
  • Profiles and clients that changed to Salesforce Classic the most.
  • Types of browsers used to get to Lightning Experience (and the Salesforce mobile application).
  • Pages saw frequently in Lightning Experience

Information in the Lightning Usage App can't be sent out to reports. Utilize the Lightning Usage App API to send out this information.

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