List View Connector for Quip

List View Connector is an app that can be used in Quip to display Salesforce like List View based on maximum 2 filter criteria. Fields to be displayed on List View is selected by user for some selected standard objects i.e., Account, Contact, Lead, User, Opportunity and Case. List View connector display data in well documented form which is properly formatted and easily to understand. This app also allows user to export updated data from Salesforce based on some filter criteria with just single button click.

You can download the app through your Quip account and it will added as a file on your profile.

Using the List view connector app

  • User should have Quip account setup.
  • User should have an account on Salesforce.
  • User will have to install List View Connector live app from Salesforce AppExchange.

Key Features

  • Designed for some selected standard objects i.e., Account, Contact, Case, User, Lead and Opportunity.
  • Supports maximum of 2 filter criteria connected by either AND connector or OR connector.
  • In filter criteria, input type of value and operator are dynamic as it depends on type of field selected.
  • Password
  • Sorting feature is also provided. User can sort list view based on any type of field.
  • User can also Refresh data of Quip doc and new data can be fetched from Salesforce
  • List View Connector supports both custom and standard fields of selected object
  • To prevent unauthorized update of data, it makes sure that user can update only if he is logged In, and data can’t be updated using different org.
  • This app works for maximum of 2000 records. If number of records exceed 2000 then those record won’t be shown on List View.
  • This app works for all versions and editions of Salesforce.

Getting Started

  • To include List View Connector in your doc, simply type @List View Connector and click Insert on the dialog box appear.

    List view connector image1

  • Connect to Salesforce button will appear. On clicking this popup of Salesforce login will open. Login Salesforce.

    List view connector image2

  • After login dialog box will appear with list of Objects. Select one object, then filter criteria section will appear. In filter criteria section, select field based on type of field operator picklist will show different operators, select operator. Similarly, value field will be shown with different input type based on type of field selected.

    List view connector image3

  • If you want to use second filter criteria also then select connector to join two filter criteria and similar to previous one select data for second filter criteria.

    List view connector image4

  • After specifying filter criteria, select fields you want to display on List View. Then click Select button.
  • After that dialog box will close by own, and a List View table containing data based on filter criteria will appear on Quip document.

    List view connector image5

  • Data of List View can be sorted by clicking on Header of column. To sort data based on multiple fields, press SHIFT key and click ok fields based on which you want to sort data. (Image below show records sorted based on Name and Account Number field)

    List view connector image6

  • In List View user can select number of rows he wants to display at a time from picklist.
  • If no record exist for particular filter criteria then message will be shown on doc stating same.

    List view connector image7

The App is available on AppExchange and can be downloaded from here.