Case Study - Listener for Outbound Message in Salesforce


Client is a subsidiary organisation of IBM. It is headquartered in USA with a strength of 200+ employees.


The requirement of the client was to get the notification sent by the Outbound Message from the source Salesforce Org to client’s Salesforce Org.
    1. Outbound Messages in Salesforce use a notification call to send SOAP messages over HTTPS over a given set endpoint.
    2. Once the message is received by the the endpoint URL, the outbound messaging WSDL can be examined and then information can be taken from the outbound message.
    3. Outbound Messaging in Salesforce also require a response back with Acknowledgement as True, otherwise, the Outbound Message will keep on repeating itself.
    4. We designed a solution to capture the Outbound Message in Salesforce.
    5. After capturing, the notifications data was parsed and appropriate records were created in the client’s Salesforce org.
    6. A batch class was created which was scheduled to run once per day to create records from the notifications data.
    7. Our solution also sends back the appropriate response back in the correct syntax.

work flow rule

    1. The Outbound Messages were successfully captured in client’s Salesforce org.
    2. Records were properly created from the information in Outbound Messages.
    3. Proper response was sent back to the Outbound Messages.

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