What is LogiAnalytics ?

LogiAnalyticsLogi Analytics is a web-based BI (Business Intelligence) reporting and analysis tool. It is a complete BI platform for developers to create customized, web-based dashboards, reports, and analysis applications powered by LogiAnalytics (previously called LogiXML) elemental approach that eliminates the need to write code. Logi comes with pre-built elements and super elements that deliver application-style end-user capabilities. It serves Small- to medium-sized businesses and departments/business units of large enterprises. It is also useful for the software as a service (SaaS) application providers that want to embed dashboard and reporting capabilities into their products.

What expertise we have ?

Expertise on Reporting


Reports with Formatted Columns

Report with state management capabilities

Reporting with Charts

Repoting with Data Layers

Report with Interacive Paging

Popup Panel in Reports

Reporting with templates

Reports with Themes

Exporting Reports to CSV/PDF/WORD/EXCEL formats

Scheduling Reports 

Report with Drill Down/Drill Through Capabilities

Tab Panels in Reports

Report with editable columns(Possible through Custom component-process and Tasks)

File Upload, Bookmark and Data Calender capability in Report

Animated  Maps in Reports

Report Center Menu

Report with User Input

Printable Report Formats

Mobile Reporting

Cross Tab Reports

Mobile Web Aps

Send Mail, Web Services etc 

Expertise on Dashboard


Dynamic Positioning of Reports

Dynamic Positioning of Charts & Key Performance Indicators

Dashboard with Different Tabs & Panels

Panel updates Using refresh timer(If data is updating frequently on panels)


Drag and Drop Facility on Dashboard

Adjustable Repoting Parameters