Mass Quick Actions on Related Lists in Salesforce


In the realm of Salesforce, where time is of the essence and productivity reigns supreme, features that streamline processes and amplify efficiency are highly coveted. One such feature that stands out in this regard is Mass Quick Actions on Related Lists. This functionality empowers users to execute bulk actions on related records with unparalleled ease, revolutionizing the way tasks are managed within the platform. Let's delve into the intricacies of Mass Quick Actions and explore scenarios where its utilization proves invaluable.

Unleashing the Power of Mass Quick Actions

At its core, Mass Quick Actions on Related Lists allow Salesforce users to perform actions on multiple related records simultaneously, eliminating the need for manual, repetitive tasks. Whether it's updating fields, sending emails, or creating tasks, this feature enables users to expedite processes and accomplish more in less time. The true power of Mass Quick Actions lies in its ability to optimize workflows and enhance productivity across various scenarios.

Scenarios Where Mass Quick Actions Shine

1. Data Management: In scenarios where data needs to be standardized or updated across multiple records, Mass Quick Actions offer a swift and efficient solution. For instance, updating the status of numerous leads or opportunities associated with a particular campaign can be effortlessly executed using this feature.

2. Communication Management: When it comes to communicating with clients or stakeholders, Mass Quick Actions streamline the process of sending bulk emails or creating follow-up tasks. Users can select relevant records from related lists and initiate communication en masse, saving valuable time and ensuring timely engagement.

3. Task Assignment: Assigning tasks or ownership to multiple records is simplified with Mass Quick Actions. Whether it's assigning leads to sales representatives or distributing cases among support agents, users can efficiently manage workload distribution and accountability with just a few clicks.

Implementing Mass Quick Actions on Related Lists: Step-by-Step Guide

1. Define Quick Actions: Begin by defining the quick actions that you wish to perform on related records. Navigate to the Object Manager in Setup, select the desired object (e.g., Leads, Opportunities), and create the necessary quick actions (e.g., Update Fields, Send Email, Create Task).

quick action on related list objects

Figure 1: Create a quick action on related list objects.

2. Configure Related Lists: Ensure that the related lists on the parent object's page layout are appropriately configured to display the relevant records. Customize the related lists to include fields and columns that provide essential information for decision-making.

3. Enable Mass Quick Actions: Navigate to the parent object's page layout and edit the layout. Add the Mass Quick Actions section to the layout and select the quick actions that you want to make available for mass execution.

quick action on a related list of parent objects

Figure 2: Add the quick action on a related list of parent objects.

4. Access Mass Quick Actions: Once the setup is complete, users can access Mass Quick Actions by navigating to the parent record (e.g., Account, Contact) and locating the related list containing the records they wish to modify. Select the desired records from the related list and choose the appropriate quick action from the Mass Quick Actions menu.

Access the mass quick action

Figure 3: Access the mass quick action on a related list of parent objects.

5. Execute Bulk Actions: Follow the prompts to execute the selected quick action on the chosen records. Depending on the action chosen, users may be required to provide additional information or confirm the action before it is executed.

Execute quick action

Figure 4: Execute quick action on related list as per your requirements.


In the dynamic landscape of Salesforce usage, efficiency is paramount. Mass Quick Actions on Related Lists empower users to optimize workflows, save time, and enhance productivity by enabling bulk actions on related records. By understanding the scenarios where this feature shines and following the steps outlined for implementation, organizations can unlock the full potential of Mass Quick Actions and propel their Salesforce experience to new heights of efficiency and effectiveness. Embrace the power of Mass Quick Actions and revolutionize the way you manage tasks within Salesforce.

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