Meteor Mobile Platform

Meteor is an open source platform for building web, mobile and desktop apps in pure JavaScript. Meteor includes a key set of technologies for building connected-client reactive applications, a build tool, and a curated set of packages from the Node.js and general JavaScript community.

Astrea is an official partner for Meteor development and have build mobile solutions for its customers across the globe. A developer can build faster native mobile apps with Cordova integration using Meteor. Meteor provides users to build amazing mobile apps compatible with Android and iOS. There is no longer the need to write different codes for that as the web app code will also run on mobile when converted with Cordova.

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Advantages of using Meteor

Applications are real time
Meteor has real-time built into its core. When the database is updated, the data in the templates is also updated simultaneously. When a user clicks a button or submits a form, the action occurs immediately. In the most of the cases, this doesn’t even require any extra effort. User can build a web application and, out of the box, it just happens to be real-time.

Its Fast to Build
Meteor allows you to develop faster. With Javascript at the front and the back end, meteor makes it easy to develop fast. If an organization wants to develop the product really quick, then meteor is the choice for them.

Develop with just one language
Meteor just requires Javascript to develop any applications. Moreover, JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It has many use-cases, and many developers are already familiar with it.

Friendly for Beginner developers
Meteor is one of the easiest frameworks for beginners to learn. Unlike other popular full stack frameworks, you don’t have to rely on multiple languages. Even those who are not full-fledged developers, like designers, find it easy to implement. Even if a developer is stuck in between, just a little push can help find the way out.

Supportive Community
Tons of blogs, resources, and even online learning platforms have emerged to discuss and teach the meteor platform. Meteor.js has a large and helpful community for users to get on with the basics really fast. There is lots of proper documentation of the framework that makes it really useful. User can also go through the official Meteor.js Youtube channel to learn more about the framework.

Smart Packages saving a lot of time
Building out a login system for your application can be a tedious task for a developer. But not with Meteor anymore. Meteor packages make it simple to add features such as:

  • User accounts
  • Javascript libraries like React
  • Extras like Bootstrap or Stylus
Even better, adding these kinds of smart packages is easy with the help of just a few keystrokes in the terminal.

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Astrea & Meteor
Astrea is a certified partner with Meteor and has been working for clients on developing cross platform mobile and web apps based on their business needs and processes. Astrea supports its customers from the idea phase to prototyping to the go live on playstore and appstore. Astrea, as a partner can be very useful as we,

  • Are Certified Partner
  • Have Experienced Developers
  • Experience of successfully delivering variety of projects across the globe