Migrating Records from Oracle Database to Salesforce using Talend Open Source Data Integration ETL Tool

Many times there is requirement in which we have to migrate data from oracle database to our Salesforce org. This requirement can be achieved using Talend ETL Data Integration tool. This open source tool can be downloaded from https://www.talend.com/download.

Once downloaded and installed follow the step by step process mentioned below:

  • Right-click on Job Design. In the menu, click on Create Job to open the New Job wizard.
Migrating Records from Oracle Database to Salesforce clip image002
  • In the New Job wizard under Name field, fill in the name of the Job. Click Finish to close the wizard and create the Job. The Job Designer opens an empty Job.
  • Right click “Salesforce” under the Metadata and choose “Create Salesforce Connection.
  • Enter Connection parameters i.e. username and password. Password has to be appended with token key generated from Salesforce.
  • Enter URL in web service URL FOR Sandbox/Production.
Migrating Records Using Talend
  • After choosing the name for connection you need to enter the username and password for our Salesforce connection.
  • Right click on the Salesforce connection created in previous step to retrieve Salesforce modules.
Migrating Records Using Talend
  • Under Meta data you can now browse to all our Salesforce data.
  • Drag and drop tOracleInput component from palette to the workspace.
  • toracleInput is used to get input from oracle server.
  • Double click on tOracleInput to open its basic settings. Fill the required host, username, port, table name.
Migrating Records Using Talend
  • In query enter the select query for the data which has to be fetched from the oracle database source.
  • Click on edit schema and mention the name of the columns/fields which are to be fetched by the select query.
  • Drag and drop tmap component from palette to workspace.
  • tMap is used to transform and route data from single or multiple sources to single or multiple destinations.
  • Drag and drop Contact from under Salesforce connection to palette. A pop up window will appear. Select tSalesforceOutput.
Migrating Records Using Talend
  • Right click on tOracleInput and connect it to tMap using row > main. Now tMap automatically fetches the schema defined in toracleInput.
  • Double click on tMap and add output table. To this table add the schema of contact module of the Salesforce.
Migrating Records Using Talend
  • Map the fields as per the requirement.
  • Connect tMap and tSalesforceOutput (Contacts).
  • Now your job should look as similar below given image.
Migrating Records Using Talend
  • Double click on Contact component to open its basic settings.
  • Select the action to be performed i.e. Insert, update or Upsert.
Migrating Records Using Talend
  • Error handling is done by sending a job fail email to the concerned person. Drag and drop tsendMail component to the workspace.
  • The purpose to tsendmail component is to notify recipients about a particular state of a Job or possible errors
  • Connect your sub job with tsendmail using trigger –> onSubjobError.
  • Double click on tsendmail to enter its basic properties.
  • Enter the recipient and sender email addresses, as well as the email subject.
  • Enter a message and type in the SMTP information.
Migrating Records Using Talend
  • Similarly you can add a message box which will be displayed when the job runs successfully. Drag and drop tMsgBox from right palette to workspace.
  • tMsgBox displays a dialogue box with a message and ok button on it.
  • Click the Run button to execute your job.
Migrating Records Using Talend

For any query on Oracle Salesforce Integration, contact support@astreait.com