My Activities

My Activities

My Activities is a component which shows all the events (scheduled within 24 hours or currently running) and tasks due for current date, in a popup.

Key features of the component are :

  • Track currently running Events and events scheduled for next 24 Hours.
  • Includes Tasks which are having due date as current date.
  • Have property to dismiss or Ignore the Activities.

My Activities

My Activities

You can download the component from Salesforce Appexchange.

My Activities is a component which shows a popup if any active event or upcoming event is there within 24 hours and if any scheduled Task is there for current date. This component can be drag and dropped to any record page or Home Page. It also supports Salesforce1 app and communities.

You can also refer the User Manual for further details, from here.

It's a Bingo..!!
We were struggling getting the reminder/alerts for tasks/events in the lightning UI. But this product has now fixed this issue and now we can receive reminders for the current tasks/events. Thank you for this amazing product..!!

- John Maxwell, Salesforce Consultant, RoTi Consulting

Fantastic Pop-up App for Lightning!!!
A huge oversight by Salesforce that has been addressed by Astrea IT Services. Beyond the amazing fact that Astrea developed this pop-up, they also offer unbelievable support. I had difficulty installing the ETReminder app and getting to work in my Salesforce instance. Of course, this was entirely on me. I reached out to Vishnu and his team and within a few hours heard back. We jumped on a call and I was guided through the set-up.
I know have (huge smile) a pop-up reminder that guides my entire team on when we need to follow up with our leads, activities, and opportunities. Great work Astrea IT Services and thank you!!

- David Sonde, VP, Sales & Business Development