Remember your Tasks easily with My Activities

Lightning in Salesforce provides a new zeal of working on the platform and also a very engaging UI experience. From an Admin view, there are lot of things scheduled but can be sometimes missed, specially the meeting or calls scheduled for the day. The classic experience task and events reminder were missing in the Lightning and were very much required for any users to manage the work effectively.

Well now the wait seems to be over, there is a new lightning component called My Activities that is available on AppExchange .

My Activities enables users to view information of all the Activities (Tasks and Events) scheduled for the day like it was in classic. It shows all the event that are scheduled within 24 hours or the events which are currently running along with the events that are due for current date. My Activities displays the events or tasks in a Popup window and also provides the dismiss option.

The advantage of using My Activities will be the features of the Component that includes the following -

  • Getting Reminders of all the tasks that are to be completed in the time span of 24 hours for the logged in users. The App will show the list of all the events and tasks that are scheduled for the particular user.

    My Activity

  • The Popup will notify the Tasks and Events till the user(s) click on OK button.

    My Activity

  • The notification can be dismissed for a single event or task which provides selectivity to the user in choosing which popups are to be disabled.

    My Activity

  • The user(s) can disable the notification in bulk by choosing “ Dismiss All ” button.

    My Activity

You can install the My Activities from here and try the component for yourself.

For any query on My Activities Component, contact