Membership Management for a Non Profit


The client is a leading national women’s membership organisation seeking equality between women and men. They represent the membership which includes 170 member groups as well as a wide range of individual members from a diversity of backgrounds, sectors and locations. The client faced major disruption in the gathering of the members and their membership payments due to changing consumer needs and new competition from direct model challengers.


Our client wanted us to resolve the following challenges faced by them :

  • Gathering of the group members and individual members information.
  • Management of the payment through credit card or bank transfers of the members.
  • Credit card expiry notification.
  • Management of events and attendees of their event.
  • Tracking the attendees on a list on Mailchimp

The application form for signup

NWCI Image1


  • Two site pages are created for tracking the individual and group members respectively.
  • The app named "Chargent" is used to manage this issue. It allows the members to pay a direct amount as well as frequency(i.e. monthly, weekly, annually,etc) based amount. Here the payment amount for each member gets stored on their associated opportunity. The payment is made through a secure payment link given by the Chargent.
  • In order to manage their events, the app named "Eventbrite" is used, which helps to gather their events and their attendees.
  • The user is redirected to this page after signup

    NWCI Image2


    • The gathering of the individual and group members are managed efficiently.
    • With the help of chargent app we are able to manage the payments for each members. The payment made by the member gets stored on their associated opportunity. The allowed salesforce users can track the amount on their associated opportunity.
    • Eventbrite helps to gather the events and their attendees and later on the automation is done on the gathered attendees using the app "Mailchimp" which helps to move the eventbrite attendees, group signups and individual signup to the required list.

    The payment gateway

    NWCI Image3