Astreas Salesforce For Nonprofits & Salesforce NPSP Expertise

Salesforce NPSP & Nonprofits Cloud are developed with focus on providing Nonprofits with a platform for success and acceleration in their operations. Salesforce for Nonprofits can be understood by the effort that Salesforce puts in for helping the Nonprofits with its solutions and support. The Salesforce NPSP provides the functionality to really become a connected organization and Nonprofits can reap the maximum by implementing it and to add more value to the Salesforce Nonprofits Cloud is also introduced.

Astrea IT Services is proud to be the only Indian partner to be part of the initial international partner list and helps in implementing Salesforce for Nonprofits. Astrea believe in helping those who help others. Astrea has many Nonprofit Customers and has supported noble causes of Non Profits around the globe.

Astrea understands NPSP 3 and have experience in implementing NPSP for many organizations.

The experience of working with numerous NonProfit customers ensures that Astrea employees understand the language of Non Profits and have expertise in mapping Non Profit businesses on the Salesforce platform.

Astreas Nonprofits Expertise

NonProfits often have budget constraints when implementing Salesforce. Astrea being an offshore company, can fit into most Non Profit’s budget, leading to a win-win scenario for both parties.

Print It, an app by Astrea, enables the users to create a directory of the contacts in their Salesforce organization. Print It app can be very useful for Nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits often maintain a donor directory for keeping a record of all the donors that have readily contributed to the organization. Through Print It they can create a directory of the donors within their Salesforce organization. All the details like company name, address and image of the Contact will be generated in printable format.

Print It provides a functionality of uploading and associating the images for all contacts and then creating a directory of those contacts with details. The app is available as a free download from AppExchange.

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Astrea executes pro bono Salesforce work for small NonProfits on a regular basis. Astrea have done many voluntarily tasks for small NonProfits as a way of giving back to society. Some of the pro-bono projects that Astrea has done include custom implementation of Salesforce for Campaign management, Donor Management and Portal Implementation.