Online Proctoring

Salesforce along with Kryterion, which is a global network of testing centres, offers centres for completing certification exams. Each testing centre has their own schedules to manage the Salesforce certifications. It is recommended to schedule your exams at least a week prior.

Due to the ongoing situation because of the Coronavirus epidemic, the test centres around the world are currently closed. Online proctoring is a way in which users can take Salesforce certification exams remotely from their PCs or Laptops instead of going to test centers. These online exams are managed by Kryterion’s Sentinel software through which the exam is supervised by a proctor through a webcam.


Requirements for giving the exam

  • Ensure that your computer/Laptop can successfully install the sentinel software.
  • Make sure that your microphone and webcam are working properly.
  • Create your biometric profile before launching the exam.
  • User need to have an empty test room with no sound.
  • The webcam should have the full view of your face and hands.

Things not permitted during the exam

  • Access to any personal items or devices like mobile phones.
  • External devices like monitors, projector screens etc
  • No other individual is allowed in the testing area. It should be an empty room.
  • Eating, drinking or smoking is strictly prohibited.
  • No headphones or other devices that covers any portion of the face.
  • No toilet or other breaks are allowed. One cannot leave the testing area.
  • You cannot disconnect the camera in the middle of the examination.

Before starting the exam, make sure all the computer interruptions are eliminated. All applications should be closed and only webassessor should be open on your computer. Once the sentinel software is launched, users will have no access to any other application on the computer. If during an exam, you do not meet all the requirements for online proctoring, the proctor might warn you and send an alert on your screen.

For assistance on online proctoring, users can contact the below contact information.