Astrea Opportunity Dashboards

Astrea Opportunity Dashboard app enhances the reporting capabilities of an org with its predefined Dashboards and therefore allows users to view the correct statistics of Opportunities in a Salesforce instance. The app includes three dashboards representing data for Sales executive, Sales manager and Sales person. These dashboards constitutes multiple lightning components which extracts data from the Opportunity object and display them in the form of charts in lightning. User can further visualize these components by integrating them on any object detail page as well as in communities.

The app can be downloaded from Appexchange.

Key Features of the app

  • Manages the opportunity data for Sales executive, Sales manager and Salesperson using various charts.
  • Provides easy addition of one or more components on both standard and custom object detail page
  • The three dashboards can be used in community too. User can also display these components in different pages of community
  • Compatible with Salesforce1 mobile app

How Astrea Opportunity Dashboards work?

  • First step is to enable lightning experience in your org
  • Before Installing App from AppExchange, Set up a Custom Domain name for the org.

    Opportunity Dashboard image1

  • In order to start using “Opportunity Dashboard App” lightning component, the initial step is to add the component to page Layout
  • Click on the setup on the home page and select “Edit Page”.

    Opportunity Dashboard image2

  • Drag component to any place and click “Activate” and “Save”.

How to add components to community?

  • Create community > Builder > Components > Custom Components
  • Drag any component to page layout.

This app provides a handy solution for people working in sales department and for those who often require tracking the team or individual data on a daily basis in the form of reports that are ready to provide the insights.

You can also refer the User Manual for further details, from here