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An automated tool that checks the health of a Salesforce instance and the data it contains. It determines the overall grade of an Org based on a set of metrics. Results are broadly categorized in Code Quality, Metadata and Other Metrics categories.

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  • Apex Code Quality Information i.e. Total Chars, API Versions, Assert methods used etc.
  • Metadata Information i.e. Object Last usage, Used/Unused Record Types, Record Counts, Validation Rules, Workflows etc.
  • Other Metrics Information i.e. Internal Roles, Portal Roles, Users not Logged in last 30 days, User - Admin Users (Modify Aall Data) etc.
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A huge amount of data may get stored in a Salesforce Org when the org is used over a long period of time. Despite having a number of rules and strict Governance Policies, the Org can become populated with unwanted, sometimes even harmful data. It is thus advisable to stay vigilant and keep a check on the data present in the Salesforce instance.

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OrgScanner is a free Salesforce administrator tool that analyzes a Salesforce org and checks if Salesforce best practises are being followed. It generates a graphical report displaying health check of an org. It scans the entire Org and generates a detailed pdf report based on the results of the scan. The results are broadly categorized into three general categories: Code Quality, Metadata, and Other Metrics. These are further classified into subcategories, and the result of each sub-category is individually displayed.

You can also refer the User Manual for further details, from here.

You can download the app from Appexchange