PandaDoc- Creates Impressive Documents

PandaDoc upgrades Salesforce and simplifies how sales teams generate, customize, and eSign professional-looking proposals. It makes it easier for the sales team to create, track, and eSign documents, all within Salesforce. It smoothes end-to-end workflow, automates tasks and keeps teams producing consistent collateral at lightning speed. Further, it locks content on documents, uses a signing order, and sets approval rules to check all the boxes while still getting sales proposals out in a timely fashion. PandaDoc’s real-time document status updates are accessible in Salesforce to let one know exactly who and when prospects are interacting with your documents and these features give the ability to act quickly at the most preferred times. PandaDoc also benefits from having all deal-related conversations and negotiations on proposals, contracts, and agreements embedded within Salesforce platform.


PandaDoc ensures setting up and customizing the Salesforce integration in a quick and easy way and it requires no coding. PandaDoc sets up tools which include out-of-the-box settings to customize your workflow: a token builder for pulling in data, field mapping , data sync, document triggers, file storage, cleanup rules, and many more. PandaDoc integrates with all Salesforce Sales Cloud editions for the best experience. The PandaDoc integration is Lightning-ready which means one can seamlessly switch from Salesforce Classic to Lightning without breaking the deal and document processes of the following system. PandaDoc uses a method of transmitting a large number of documents that include editing and e-signing capabilities, and it allows one to exchange documents with minimal manual effort and in significantly less time. PandaDoc keeps a track of documents, transmits payments through documents, and integrates with CRM systems.

PandaDoc Salesforce

PandaDoc is one of the best software for Sales professionals platform and it thus makes an easier approach in all business fields and can be a perfect choice for firms with complex document workflows. One can use the PandaDoc E-sign Tool for free if it is a small business platform. Large company and complex documentation requirements to purchase a membership to gain access to more services that will help the company grow smoothly, as the free edition of PandaDoc has limitations and it can create barriers for the same.

Key Features of PandaDoc are listed below:

  • PandaDoc supports user-friendly features and is simple to use and it allows to quickly generate new documents or rework current ones.

  • PandaDoc is efficient and it includes eSignature, which dramatically speeds up processes. Also, it eliminates the need to travel from one location to another only to share information and sign documents.
  • PandaDoc assists each team in completing transactions and agreements in less time and encourages collaboration in a systematic way.

  • PandaDoc makes it possible to complete tasks quickly without sacrificing the quality of the details and enhances productivity improvement.

  • PandaDoc uses Real-Time Analytics and is especially useful for businesses looking to reach out to potential customers.

PandaDoc offers various benefits like:

  • One Stop level for Closing Deals, where it allows the Sales team to use Salesforce to design, deliver, track, and eSign beautiful quotations, proposals, and contracts and it is compatible with both Lightning and Classic.

  • It generates Automated Document where Information from various sources, contacts, products, and prices are effortlessly merged into your documents. It encourages error-free, on-brand and instant document generation.

  • It allows Functional Workflow where it checks all the requirements while still getting the Sales docs out quickly, and one can use approval workflows, signing orders, content locking, automatic document storage, and document/opportunity status sync process.

  • It introduces the Simply Plug it and Go where Lightning-ready integration is simple to set up and customize, and it doesn’t require any scripting.

One will achieve efficiency by the PandaDoc Salesforce Integration and will allow the team to spend less time in developing and modifying bids, proposals, and contracts and more time crushing their quotas.

After understanding the PandaDoc Salesforce Integration, you may want to take your business growth a step further by using Data Analytics techniques on your Salesforce data. This will require you to transfer data from Salesforce to a Data Warehouse using various complex ETL processes. Hevo Data will automate your data transfer process, hence allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business like Analytics, Customer Management, etc.