Partner Learning Camp

Salesforce has been the market leading Customer relationship Management platform for the last several years. It brings automation, integration, data visualization and many more such features. Salesforce trailhead has existed for a few years now, as the learning and training platform but it focuses more on users and developers. As a result, Salesforce partners were dependent on trailhead courses, Salesforce documentation and blogs from different websites to upgrade their skills. Traditionally partners have used these resources to provide best solutions to their customers.

Partner learning Camp is an online learning platform launched in 2021 for Salesforce partners to learn new skills and get certifications so that they can deliver greater customer success. It includes advanced product training that can help partners gain expertise across domains. Any employee working for a Salesforce partner can access Salesforce Partner Learning Camp.


  • Partners can get the information at one place. It provides a faster path for certification.
  • Can be accessed anywhere at any time. Don’t need to go for any classroom training.
  • Provides training and certifications and provides ability to deliver new services to customers.
  • It is not too expensive and Partners can learn new skills and find solutions free of cost.

Accredited Professional Credentials And Exams

Salesforce has launched Partner Learning Camp certifications in May 2021. It includes 200 courses and 32 exams which Partners can avail on this online learning platform. There are exams such as Einstein Discovery, Salesforce CDP and Heroku Developer which helps the Partners to increase their product and industry knowledge. In addition Salesforce will be adding additional modules in the coming months.

Why Partner Learning Camp?

According to Valoir research, there are three main reasons why Partners are opting PLC rather than other Salesforce training program:

  • PLC is focused on certification-based training. It helps the partners to upskill their future and just need to pass the certification exams.
  • PLC provides Exclusive courses and exams such as business-to-business and business-to- consumer architect training which cannot be found everywhere.
  • Training is like real classroom training. PLC is organized in such a way to provide videos, hands-on, demo that help the Partners to fulfill their customer needs and demands.

Track Your Path

Users can maintain their PLC profile to track their completed courses and certification exams. Also, users can view a summary of their Accredited Professional certification and get recommendations.

The Partner Learning Camp includes an entire curriculum on Digital Marketing skills which are imperative for every business to drive and deliver a seamless customer experience.

Initially this learning camp was just for Salesforce employees but now it has been launched for all partners as well. PLC includes many courses such as Digital Marketing, architect success program and many more.


Salesforce-Partner Learning Camp is launched exclusively for Salesforce partners to learn new skills and get solutions to their customer’s needs and demands. It provides hands-on training and demos, hundreds of courses and certification programs for free of cost. The user just needs to login their Salesforce account and join the partner community.