Print It - A new way of printing contact directories

Many Salesforce users are unable to get a printed copy of their contact lists which contains either all contacts or some specific ones. This proves to be a major setback for many users across various industries. But not anymore, Astrea IT services has come up with a brilliant app called ‘Print It’ that solves the issue mentioned above in a highly efficient manner.

Print It, enables you to create a PDF directory of your contacts with a single click. You can upload contacts image and generate an impressive PDF document containing a list of contacts with their details like the company name, address and uploaded image. So we can sum up this free app in only three points.

  • Print It enables you to upload images for contacts.
  • Print It can generate a PDF directory of all your contacts in the system.
  • Generate a contacts directory based upon a list view which includes various filter criteria.

The app is especially useful for NonProfits to print a donor directory.

Print It, is an app which enables the users to add an image for the contact and create the directory of the contacts in their Salesforce organization. Once you install this app on your Salesforce account a new tab by the name of ‘Directory’ will automatically come into existence and this tab will contain all your contacts and related information. Also you can upload a different picture for all your contacts according to you needs and convenience.

Using this app, in a single click you will be able to generate an impressive PDF document containing a list of contacts with their details like name, address, company and optionally the uploaded image of the contact.

This is a native Salesforce app, built on platform and developed for the Contact object.

A couple of screenshots of sample output generated are included below:

Print It Image1

Print It Image2

All users can use this app and its usefulness can vary on the roles of the user for example a marketing manager will target the potential customers from time to time and this app will provide a very effective way of creating a list of useful contacts from the list view. On the other hand, a customer relationship manager will only need the contacts with any queries, complaints or issues.

Lastly, the app comes absolutely free of cost. You can download the app from Salesforce AppExchange using the link below:

Download Print It Now!

So leave your printing problems behind and download the app now.