Pardot is a marketing automation tool. It helps an organization to automate the entire sales and marketing process. It helps in managing the projects and reports at one location. Also it keeps track of all the leads and prospects across the organization. Pardot is completely customizable so that user can personalize it to fit their requirements.
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Pardot can be understood as the sales path which is traced by your leads and prospects. The Sales path begins with the marketing of your product to create interest within the leads and ends with the prospects assigned to a Sales rep.

Many organizations today use both Pardot and Marketing Cloud. The major difference between the two is that the Pardot can be used if the company is selling the product to another business. While, marketing cloud is used when the company is selling a product to individual consumer.

In Pardot, when a lead or a visitor visits a company’s website, they become traceable for the company. The company can view which links they have clicked, how many pages have been navigated, etc. This all is done with the help of tracking cookie to their browser when they first visit your website. The prospects created in Pardot can be done in many ways.

  • A Pardot form that is enclosed in your website
  • A form on your website that is linked to Pardot
  • A form that is hosted on Pardot landing page
Pardot Process Automation Image

Pardot campaign can be defined as the group of prospects for tracking and reporting purposes. In Pardot campaigns, the prospects can belong to only one group at a time. Also it is necessary that the prospect has to be associated with one group as pardot campaign. The pardot campaigns can be created on the basis of prospects completed forms, visited landing page, etc.

Before starting with Pardot, it may need adjustments and modification according to organization’s requirements. Pardot has four automation tools that help users ease their work.
  • Completion action- It allows to automate directly from marketing actions such as email send, form etc
  • Segmentation rule- It allows creation of list of prospects and apply distribution action based on certain criteria
  • Automation rule- Allows to execute some sales and marketing actions based on criteria specified
  • Dynamic lists- Dynamic lists are lists that are created automatically by adding or removing prospects based on the criteria upon which list was created
It is important to choose the right automation tool in Pardot that best meets your requirements.

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