Quick Creator

Creating a large number of custom objects and fields can be time consuming and error prone tasks for most Salesforce Admins. Quick creator app by Astrea can be used to import metadata into your Salesforce instance. It is an app that allows users to create custom objects and custom fields with the help of simple clicks. It provides an enhanced solution for creating multiple custom objects and fields in the lightning interface.

The app can be downloaded from Appexchange.

Working of the Quick Creator app

  • Before installing this app in a Salesforce Org, Salesforce Administrator has to perform some settings in their orgs. Salesforce Users have to make some Configuration Settings in their org to perform API operations. You can refer to the user manual for details
  • After installing the app on your org, navigate to the landing page of the app
  • Select the import process from the drop down menu and click on Launch Process


  • Before importing the file, it is recommended to download the sample file template. Specify the information correctly related to custom fields that need to be created. All the necessary records should be filled in properly else the metadata will not be imported successfully.


  • Browse the CSV file to upload metadata
  • The file to be imported should be in csv format
  • If a user inputs an incorrect data in the file, an error message will be displayed


  • After importing the file, you can see the custom object/fields have been created in the Salesforce instance.


  • If a user wants to upload the same file with some changes in the fields, an Approved button will be enabled


You can refer to the user manual for more details about the app.