Salesforce Quickbooks Online Integration


Quickbooks product focuses mainly towards small and medium-sized business and offer on-premises accounting applications as well as cloud based versions that accept business payments, manages pay bills, and perform payroll functions.

We provide services for Salesforce Quickbooks Integration. It allows automating Invoice, Expenses, Bill, Payments and Transaction processes.

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>Need for Quickbooks Salesforce Integration

  • Customize Quickbooks according to the business process.
  • Use customized reports and dashboards in Salesforce for the better forecasting and visualization.
  • Use Quickbooks Online data to process and integrate other third party system as per business requirement.
  • As Quickbooks online is a financial accounting software one can use its data to enhance the functionality using administrative and development tools provided by salesforce.
  • Integration of Quickbooks and Salesforce reduces data redundancy, create records in one side it automatically be synced in other side according to requirements.
Objects being synchronised between Salesforce and Quickbooks
  • Customer
  • Vendor
  • Invoice
  • Credit Memo
  • Bill
  • Expense
  • Vendor Credit
  • Purchase Order
  • Payment
  • Bill Payment
  • Report
Here are some scenarios we have worked on
  • Client was the US based insurance company. The client is using Quickbooks for managing their finance and Salesforce CRM to manage their Customer data. They need their Salesforce data to be reflected in Quickbooks online so that they can manage their finance of their clients directly from Quickbooks online platform, Quickbooks Object we synced for this Project is Customer, Vendor, Invoice, Credit Memo, Expense, Vendor Credit.
  • We also prepared a Quickbooks online app. This app provides bidirectional syncing between Quickbooks online objects Customer, Invoice, Products and Payment from Salesforce objects Account, Invoice, Product and Payment. This app doesn't need any keys or credentials for ex- client id, client secret or Quickbooks login credential from user. It will receive token in one button click from user after user will be consented from Quickbooks. This app is a Lightning Ready app so user can also work in lighting experience.

Technical Architecture

In Quickbooks integration with Salesforce, we mainly use OAUTH 1.0 authentication which leads user to establish connection without providing any OAUTH credentials. User just have to provide a consent which will be from Quickbooks online side.

To retrieve data from Quickbooks online from Salesforce we use following Methodology

  • Real Time Data Sync- In this case, We sync data from Quickbooks online to Salesforce Server in real time using Webhook provided by Quickbooks online.

  • Asynchronous Data Sync- In this case, We use batches in Salesforce to retrieve data automatically from Quickbooks, running interval of batch will depend on System Schedule of batch.

To Post data from Salesforce to Quickbooks Online we use following methodology

  • Real Time Data Sync- In this we use triggers to push data in Real Time into Quickbooks Online.

  • Asynchronous Data Sync- For this we use batches in Salesforce to push data automatically into Quickbooks, running interval of batch will depend on System Schedule of batch.

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