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QuizPal app is an application where a game host presents questions from a shared screen or a video projector. Players compete by answering those questions in real-time using a mobile or laptop. The fastest player to provide the correct answer scores the most points. As the game progresses, leaderboards are displayed, allowing the top 10 players to keep track of scores and ranks.

Install the app via the provided link:

Applications of QuizPal

QuizPal is a dynamic and interactive game to engage the participants and increase their awareness via playing informative quizzes based on salesforce upcoming advancements. QuizPal is a user friendly game that makes the salesforce events or any meet more interesting.

Key Features of the App

  • Question presentation through shared screen or projector.
  • Real-time answering using mobile or laptop devices.
  • Scoring system based on speed and accuracy.
  • Leaderboards for tracking top 10 players during the game.

How does the QuizPal App work?

  • Users can create a quiz by clicking on the "New" button and include all three types of questions (Boolean/Text/Multiple Options) in it. This could be a great feature as it provides users with the flexibility to include different types of questions while creating a quiz.

    Creating Quiz

  • Users select a particular quiz name from the list of quizzes they have previously created.

    particular quiz

  • Next step the user clicks on the start button to begin the quiz.

    begin the quiz

  • Participants can join the quiz by registering on the site using a registration link or by simply scanning the QR code displayed on the screen and entering the game PIN to start.

    game PIN

You can also refer to the User Manual for further details, from here