Automation for Real Estate using Salesforce

Real estate industry has many types of interrelated businesses/Companies working in different operations. These businesses have separate operations & processes that work in collaboration with each other. Astrea has worked with many real estate players and has gained a knowledge of implementation of Real Estate CRM solution for companies from Estate Agent or Realtors focusing on Lettings & Sales to large Commercial brokers focused on Blocks & Buildings to Land developers working on building new projects of all sizes.

Real Estate CRM projects we delivered include Salesforce Sales Cloud & Service Cloud,Pardot, Communities and many customized solutions based on the customer needs. Astrea worked after carefully analysing the business operations from the Sales team to Lettings team to Support team to come up with different ideas to match their needs and expectations. Often adding more features using Salesforce Automation like flows, process builders, Approval and analytics capabilities with Reports & dashboards and in some cases with Einstein as well. We being an experienced Salesforce Consulting Company and a certified AppExchange partner helped our real estate clients to automate their tedious tasks to focus more on their customers. With the best development practices we have provided some game changing solutions for Real Estate and have highlighted a few of the needs & implementations in the sections below.

CRM Requirements in Real Estate

Astrea has worked with many organizations over the years and has gained a deep understanding of the need for the Real Estate industry. How it works, users & their jobs responsibilities and how to map it in an easy to use and effective solution. Real estate CRM involves different Stages of Opportunity or Deals & processes can be different as well. With this in mind we identified the key areas to focus on the Real Estate industry to deliver a customer centric and process oriented CRM system.

  • Effective Sales Process
  • Automatic decision support & Communications system
  • Users Time Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Deal management & Closings
  • Customer Support Channels
  • External system synch for Property sourcing, Listing and checks
With the course of time and experience of multiple implementations Astrea has developed many custom applications and used the advanced features of Salesforce to provide a useful and efficient CRM for Real Estate companies around the Globe.

CRM Implementation for Real Estate

Astrea has provided its clients best of class CRM systems, by mapping all the Selling, Buying, Renting processes digitally and by automating the tedious and repetitive tasks. Some of Astrea’s work that can help any Real Estate CRM implementation includes Sales process automation, Auto record creation based on the stages, Communication channel setup, Orders & Invoicing Automation, After Sales Support, Service Support and Third Party Integrations.

To understand what Real Estate CRM’s must have features or good to have features, we have taken a few examples as mentioned in the section below. Salesforce being the leader in the CRM industry provides a great set of tools for any company who wants a CRM for their Real Estate Business.

Sales Process for Real Estate CRM

The process starts with the Lead capturing & processing and Astrea has provided automation using Salesforce CRM features to integrate the different channels and capture all the information directly into Salesforce. There can be integrations with Zillow, Realtor & other platforms here in this case to seamlessly fetch the required information.

The users or agents for the company will not forget any calls or meeting if the CRM system has beautiful Dashboards giving them the details of everyday and motivates them with the progress of their current deals. Salesforce automated features helped the agents in using the system more effectively to close more deals with features like notification on open deals, every calls & Tasks on their Dashboards and escalation to management for pending leads, Opportunity or Cases.

A company’s Sales team or individual should be able to get all the updates in realtime and flexibility to update records or ask questions instantly and using Salesforce automatic notification and email alerts this is achievable and chatter helps in collaboration across teams in real time.

The lead conversion process automation for creation of Account, Contact & Opportunity with a single click helps in saving time and avoiding human errors. Astrea has also built advanced features for the Opportunity management and easy to use CRM system where users will not be entering the data every time and options to create work orders, invoices in a single click.

Data from the City registry records, there is a possible integration to integrate the different city’s land registry records to fetch the data that is property data in the system. However this is not used in all cases but can be very useful for future reference and for leads.

Deal Management

Deals or simple Business transactions are a crucial part in any Real Estate business and using Salesforce CRM companies can create an automated system to remove the chances of error in many situations like in one of the projects we created for a large Property Development Company in the Middle East.

As part of the Deal management we created a customized inventory check tool where the agents can search all the units and sites from a single click. Generate Interested tags on the properties & book them within the same window and also request for approval from the Sales team at each stage of Opportunity discussion is enabled for any issues or even pricing discussions with management. This allows real time availability of the Units and no chances of errors within the teams and network agents. The deal management module then helps agents in keeping track of all the deals in an organised manner, with the details and next steps automatically displayed for the agents increased their productivity.

The whole process was automatic and the agent is only required to fill the data at the time of first contact and then everything(details of client, property, pricing etc) gets transferred as the deal stages changes and the records for each step gets created for future access as well. So for example, when the lead is interested a new deal is created and it follows the following cycle,

  • For the particular property a listing record is pre created in the system.
  • An offer received from the client creates a record in the backend with all the details and if this is accepted then other records like Closings, new Listing and Payment & invoicing gets automatically associated with the same client.
  • All the information gets stored in the system and tracking everything becomes very easy.
The management gets full control and flexibility to check the reports and notification at any time and full insights with a powerful analytics engine.

Managing Customers & Partners from Real Estate CRM

The customers or partners in any business is a very key element and these are managed very effectively using Salesforce Communities. Astrea has worked on many community implementations with standard and custom communities. This may not be useful for all companies but can provide great value in the case of companies that work with associated partners for selling properties or customer focused luxury developers who need to provide a customer portal for their residents needs.
For the Real Estate CRM a community adds value to their associates for agents or partners. They get insights on the real time status of the properties, their deals, commissions and any complaints or approval.
For the customers this great an added advantage and great value as they can reach the developers or building managers in real time and for luxury developers & high end apartments there can be features like Concierge, Updates on the utilities and security & automation. So communities helps a CRM to give its maximum value with a system where everything gets managed in a centralised location and fast solutions can be provided to the Customers and Partners.

Real Estate CRM Support Services

The Customer support being part of a Real Estate CRM provides a great level of satisfaction to anyone who wants to contact the company. It's very helpful in building a good reputation and customer loyalty. A seamless and robust support system can be setup with Salesforce using the CASE Object and features to support the users,

  • To Submit a service request or Complaints from the Community
  • To create a Live agent for the website
  • Enable the emails to create a case(service request or complaint) automatically
  • Telephony system with CRM to get all the data and respond to requests
  • Integration with the external systems like Accounting, Payments and ERP.
There are other areas that Astrea has implemented and can provide support for any type of Real estate business to get onto the journey of becoming a customer centric company with a Connected CRM for Real Estate Industry using Salesforce.