Cloud Ursa and Astrea IT Services announce the launch of RingsTrue, a new application to validate and format telephone numbers in Salesforce

Launching today, RingsTrue is a new Salesforce application that analyzes, formats, and validates phone numbers in your customer records. Once installed, RingsTrue gives you confidence that the telephone numbers in your database will connect you to your customers.

This application will be essential to organizations that implement Computer Telephony Integrations (CTI) within Salesforce, as a correctly formatted telephone is a requirement for ensuring the system can match the call to the customer. However, any customer that stores telephone numbers in Salesforce will benefit from having those numbers validated.

RingsTrue evaluates all Phone fields in Salesforce including landline, fax, and mobile phone numbers. It will also guide and make recommendations on number data quality. For example, missing phone numbers will be highlighted, and instances where the number’s country code does not match the country code of the customer can be reported on.

After each validation exercise, RingsTrue shows how many numbers were cleaned (i.e number of records changed/updated, % of correct phone records against each object, and overall % of validated numbers in Salesforce.
RingsTrue gives Salesforce customers a 1 click process to clean and format their customer phone numbers.
The app is available at AppExchange at:

We are delighted to be launching RingsTrue today on the Salesforce AppExchange. RingsTrue formats and validate/tests your customer's phone number so that you can reach them on the first call you make. - Cloud Ursa Ltd.

Astrea is proud to jointly launch the RingsTrue app in collaboration with Cloud Ursa. The app will enable our customers to get full benefits of their CTI implementation on Salesforce. - Naveen Gabrani, Astrea IT Services.

About Astrea IT Services

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About Cloud Ursa

Cloud Ursa are a specialist Consultancy, based in London and working with a range of customers across Europe.
They can assist customers with Salesforce consultancy, customisation, design, and implementation along with bespoke Salesforce application development.