Rollup Helper In Salesforce


Rollup Helper is a very popular app on AppExchange. Rollup Helper is used to get real time data on fingertips. Using this we can Roll up Salesforce data - Count, Max, Min, Average, Percent from child object to a parent object. The count, max and other similar operations on parent objects are only available for Master Detail relationships. Rollup Helper allows these features in a Lookup Relationship.

In Rollup Helper we can get the actionable data whether data is in standard object or custom object.

How to use a Rollup helper?

To create a Survey follow these steps.

  1. Install the Rollup Helper from Appexchange in Salesforce and find the application on App Launcher.


    After Clicking Rollup application you will see three tabs - Rollup Helper, Rollup Helper Help, All Rollups. In the Rollup helper you will get so many options to create, export csv, View Roll Ups etc.

  2. Click on the Create icon to create a Roll Up.


  3. After clicking the “create” icon you will get the option on the next page to select the Destination object.


  4. After selecting the targeted object you will get an option to Select a targeted field and also to select the selected object result field(For this You have option to use existing Field or you can create a new field on that object).


    In this I have created a new field-


  5. Then you will get an option to select Source(from where the data is coming) which means the child object in this i have selected the Task object..


  6. After selecting the Child object then you get an option to select the type(Sum, Count, Average, Min, Max) on that child object should we use as a source of our rollup..


  7. You can also add your New filter criteria on that after selecting the type according to your condition.

  8. You have options to save the Roll up or to save and schedule it.


    Now we can see the changes on the object. This way we can create the Rollup Helper which has the way to overcome the limitation of Roll Up Summary.

Key Limitations for free Version of Rollup Helper

  1. Only three Roll ups can be run in Real Time, Schedule and Manual run Roll ups.
  2. Support is not available for the free version

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