Salesforce And Slack Integration Using Zapier

Salesforce is a highly versatile Customer Relationship management software and slack is the most commonly used communication software for businesses. So why not integrate the processes between the two platforms?

Zapier is a tool which lets the user connect one online service with the other without any code required. Zapier lets the user send information bidirectionally either from Salesforce to slack or slack to salesforce just with a few clicks. The user can connect more than two apps and can automate the entire workflow. Zapiers Zap definition includes triggers (that defines the criteria when integration is to be initiated) and actions (that defines what action is performed, like what data should be transferred).

Use Case

  • Get slack notifications for any record created.
  • Send slack channel messages for new outbound Salesforce messages.
  • Post slack channel messages when a record is updated, such as send a message on slack channel when an opportunity is closed.
  • Send new Salesforces cases in slack channel messages.
  • Create Salesforce records with new resume data from slack using CandidateZip.
  • Add custom records to Salesforce and send slack channel messages with new LinkedIn Lead Gen forms response.
  • Detect sensitive data in new Salesforce records with Nightfall DLP and send slack messages.

How To Integrate?

Step 1: Login to your Salesforce, slack and Zapier account.

Step 2: Create a zap between Salesforce & slack and add the trigger events.

Trigger Events

Step 3: Select the slack account and setup the trigger.


Step 4: Test the trigger.


Step 5: Select Salesforce in the second pane and select the action to perform.

Action To Perform

Step 6: Select the Salesforce account and setup the action.

Setup The Action

Step 7: Finally, test the trigger and turn on the zap to automate the process.

Automate The Process

It should be noted that Salesforce also provides native integration with slack but it does not allow the user to create notifications for new Salesforce tasks in Slack at this time. It allows the following things to be done:

  • Search and view Salesforce records for all Standard objects.

  • Send alerts to slack channels.

  • Add Slack messages to Salesforce records.

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