Salesforce Applications for Sales Users that increase productivity

There is no doubt that anyone in a customer-facing B2B role has a challenging time and therefore Salesforce Applications are critical to increase productivity. Salesforce Appexchange is rich in native apps to help turn your Salesforce into your next sales engine. Salesforce apps for data enrichment do help in business platform success. Sales organizations and sellers rely on apps that excel their business platform and make them meet their customer’s expectations. Let us look at a few Salesforce applications that are user-friendly to the Sales Users and can increase productivity.

Salesforce Applications

  • Docusign: All sizes of Businesses can increase productivity with the use of Docusign. The app has been live on Appexchange for more than 10 years. DocuSign maximizes the Salesforce investment and streamline the processes with the Docusign Agreement Cloud and allows to send, sign and track Salesforce agreements and approvals from anywhere, on any device. DocuSign digitized all the Salesforce documents for records and kept them safe and scalable. The team can prepare, sign, act, and can manage contracts within Salesforce with the Salesforce Applications. The DocuSign app saves time, reduces risk and eliminates tedious and manual tasks which might have errors. On the other hand, it increases productivity where automated workflows help employees to work more efficiently.

  • Conga Composer: Conga Composer is one of the most popular apps on AppExchange which enables Salesforce customers to customize, streamline and scale document generation and reporting for unlimited use cases across all organizations and industries. It is a composer that can automatically populate richly formatted templates with data from any standard or any custom object in Salesforce and send it via a variety of delivery options. From a button or link on an object in Salesforce, the administrator configures Composer Solutions for end-users to run Composer.

  • Geopointe: Geopointe is a great help for the sales and territory management. It helps in finding quickly the nearby Accounts Opportunities around a big meeting and it makes the Leads or Partners to make the trip as productive and efficient as possible. Companies are being helped by Geopointe across various Industries to use location data to improve their business processes and boost results. Geopointe enables the big picture using advanced visualization and filtering capabilities to identify trends and patterns you never knew existed. Location-enable Salesforce also helps one geographically visualize their accounts, opportunities, and CRM data. The Ascent Group bought Geopointe on Nov 2nd, 2017.

  • PipeLaunch: Acceleration of the prospecting process and enabling sales teams to spend all their time doing what they do best in selling is PipeLaunch. Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) data thus automatically uploads to Salesforce from prospects with PipeLaunch. It also includes all relevant data, up-to-date contact details, company news and even enhances technologies. It omits manual typing information from LinkedIn into Salesforce and it adds an additional layer named Chrome Extension. It works on ideal customer profiles and brings all information into Salesforce with the click of one button, saving sales teams with multiple hours of research and data enrichment.

  • Mogli SMS: A user-friendly native SMS/Whatsapp solution for Salesforce is known as Mogli SMS. It helps in bulk messaging, one-on-one conversations and lead qualification surveys. It is also an unlimited user license. It has identified text messages as a better and faster way to obtain response from Leads, Contacts, Person Accounts and many more. Mogli stands for Mobile Global Impact and was initially developed to send text messages to rural Kenyan farms with information on how to protect their corn crops from diseases. It takes only a few minutes to install from AppExchange and go through the available components.

We should not forget that sales teams are an expensive resource and the more you automate, the more time sales teams will have to do what they do best!