Salesforce Certification Exam Maintenance

Salesforce provides Customer Relationship Management software and also applications based on sales, customer service, marketing and analytics. Salesforce certifications are in high demand. Salesforce Maintenance Exams are required to keep your Salesforce credentials valid. With ever changing Salesforce platforms, one needs to keep one’s knowledge up-to-date. In 2018, following changes were made for Salesforce Maintenance Exam:

  • Salesforce has three releases every year. Certified Individuals need to clear relevant trailhead modules to maintain the certification. All Salesforce certifications now require completion of a maintenance module on trailhead every year. This is available free of charge.
  • Badges for maintenance were added in Trailhead for different certification exams.
  • Exam interface was made to improve
  • Notification were also made more transparent

 Trailhead Verification

Figure 1: (Screenshot From Trailhead showing Verification)

Without becoming overloaded and spending a fortune, Trailblazers can upskill and maintain their certification by getting the relevant badges on Trailhead. Also, new certifications are added every year. Maintaining Salesforce Certification is simpler, thus login into and scroll down to the certification will see either a ‘green active’ or ‘red maintenance due’ icon under each of your Salesforce Certifications. Also Trailhead search bar allows you to access maintenance Trailhead Modules. Clear email notifications do pop whenever new maintenance exams are due. So, there’s no worries and nothing to panic about thinking if you would miss any chances.

 Trailhead Maintenance Exams

Figure 2: (Screenshot From Trailhead Showing Calendar of Maintenance Exams)

Exams are free for Salesforce maintenance. But, if you fail to maintain the certifications after a given period of time, then they will surely expire and thus you have to pay full amount again to re-appear the same. Using the Trailhead Credential verification service, one can check the status of the Salesforce Maintenance Exam. Your mentioned email will also pop with notifications for the same.

The Salesforce Trailhead has the schedule for upcoming certifications.

Do not lose your hard earned credentials and thus keep yourself up-to-date with the ever changing Salesforce platform.