Salesforce Einstein Automate: An Automation Solution

Salesforce has announced a new automation Solution, Einstein Automate at Dreamforce this year. Salesforce Einstein automates workflows which helps in increasing the productivity of the businesses. It entitles users to integrate large volumes of data from different systems, without any code.

Businesses today are transforming their customer experiences. They are trying to leverage customers with digital customer experience. This transformation has led to the need of automated platform technology which can enhance the productivity of the employees.

Flow Orchestra

Einstein Automate encloses multiple products which are designed to enhance workflows and data integration within the organization. Some of the important parts of Einstein Automate includes the new Flow Orchestra. It is a low-code development tool which uses a drag and drop user interface to construct workflows. It also helps in accelerating the processes by suggesting next steps to users throughout the process. It also analyzes any impediments that can cause obstruction within the process.

Mulesoft Composer

Another part of the Salesforce Einstein Automate is Mulesoft Composer. It is the fastest way to link multiple apps and data together to create a 360 degree view of the customer with the help of pre defined connectors and templates.


Einstein Automate Collection Page

Businesses can take advantage of the new Einstein Automate Collection Page which constitutes a collection of more than 700 automated solutions built by Salesforce and its partners. Businesses can now use already existing workflows instead of building them themselves and consuming more time. Salesforce is now providing upgraded OmniStudio, which is a customer experience platform. OmniStudio includes a collection of resources and no-code tools, which encompasses pre-built guided experiences, templates and more.


The main aim for introducing Einstein Automate by Salesforce is to facilitate the digital transformation of their partners and customers so that they can efficiently manage their processes and easily automate their workflows and tasks.

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