In Salesforce, as we move towards the digital age, we need advancement in the customer service support sector. Waiting in long call queues just for simple queries can be very hectic for customers and thus degrading the customer service experience. Even your customer service agents cannot give their time to some complex issues that actually need their assistance. And for the sole purpose of enhancing the customer service experience for the valuable customers Salesforce introduced Einstein Bot. In this article we talk about Einstein Bots and their benefits.

Chat bot is basically a software which enacts human conversation either verbally or through textual messages. Taking a step further, Salesforce introduced bots that can learn through experience and from human responses. Salesforce connected bots to Artificial Intelligence. These bots are trained through Natural Language Processing or Natural Language Understanding.

Not all bots are intelligent and run on NLP. Bots are configured to answer some basic queries which are displayed on their menu and some FAQs. But bots can be trained, they can be trained to understand human language and give intelligent responses. You can also provide a chat Menu, which can hold some frequently asked queries and answer them for the customer when clicked upon.

Let’s suppose you run a domestic Courier service, and you deliver around thousands of couriers per month. Due to some unfavorable conditions, like weather or vehicle breakdown, there can be a delay in some of the deliveries, which can result in too many queries and phone calls for the customer service agents. Well, everyone is worried about their orders, aren’t you!? And when suddenly so many calls or texts are expected it's hard for the agents to manage and it results in long waiting queues for the customers. This can lead to a bad impression of your service and degrade your value in the customer's eye.

The solution for this problem is Salesforce Einstein Bot. A bot can help you in many ways:

  • The queries of customers are often similar, Order Status, Tracking, Expected date etc. You can input these queries in the chat Menu which is displayed after bot greetings and just by clicking on the query, data can be retrieved from the database and customer queries can be resolved by just one simple click. These inquiries are one third of the total questions asked and thus reduce the workload.
  • Even if the query is not listed in the menu, Einstein bots are smart and can understand Human language (NLU) if you train them correctly. A customer can ask the same question in many different ways, and a smartly trained bot can interpret and answer the queries very swiftly, and despite the absence of actual human involvement, the query is resolved. These bots when connected to NLU, learn how to answer the customers.
  • As chatbot answers all the easy questions and deflects the cases, it makes the customers happy with the fast and effortless customer service provided to them and it gives the support agents plenty of time to work on some serious and complex customer issues. Reducing the load on service agents means they can resolve big issues that actually require their assistance.
  • These bots work tirelessly 24 hours, and can resolve the customer issues at any time and thus giving 24X7 support.

Planning A Bot?

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind while planning for a bot. There are a few terminologies that you need to get yourself familiar with before jumping onto the conclusion. You need to ask yourself why you need this bot? What are the queries it is going to resolve for your team? How are you going to train it? Planning on what a bot does and reviewing the Einstein bot terminology can help prevent bad customer service experience.


Anything a customer writes is a dialog. These dialogs control the actions of a bot and also contact a dialog intent for NLU training. Like, Order Status, Tracking, Expected date all these dialogs. Even if a customer says “connect me to an agent” it is a dialog on which a bot acts and immediately connects the customer to the agent.

Dialog Intent

These are the actions. The reason why a customer is interacting or communicating with a bot. Like place an order, retrieve my order Id, or Track my order. All these are intents.


The information you collect from your customers is an entity. Salesforce has various entities like Date, Money, Number etc. You can also create entities like Email and Order number.


When you need a place to store the data that you just collected from the users, you can use variables. You just need to relate each variable with the entity. You can use variables along with dialogs.

Apart from naming your bot, you can also plan how your bot greets the customers. Like ‘hey there! How may I help you?’ or ‘HI I AM SAMMY ! HAPPY TO HELP YOU’.How do you want your bot to reply to the customers’ queries, in a sweet way or a smart way ? You can develop the personality of your bot. And if at any time, the customer feels the need to speak to an agent there is a menu to transfer them to the agent. You can decide the opening and closing statements of your bot. Also, you can decide the text style, the way bot displays things and you can even use emojis for a friendly experience. The Service cloud license and the chat license are necessary. To enable the bot you need to type Einstein bot in the quick find box and click on the toggle.


Enable the bots option menu and click on New to create a new bot.

In the new Modal, you can give your bot a trendy name which suits your enterprise.


Also, you can define the greeting message that the bot should greet the customers with.


After deploying your Einstein bot to your channel, you and your support agents can sit back and relax. Let the bot do its work and save you a lot of time to concentrate on the real problems and enhance the experience of your customers while they interact with the bot. The introduction of NLP (Natural Language Processing) or NLU(Natural Language Understanding) has played a key role in the advancement of the bots by enabling them to understand the human languages and dialects (if trained properly) and thus replying customers appropriately with correct answers to their queries saving them a lot of their precious time, and the customer service support agents are free from answering the same old school queries and can devote their time in solving much more complex problems which really require their help and attention.


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