Salesforce Einstein Language API

Salesforce Einstein Language allows you to build the Natural Language Processing ( NLP ) functionality into your apps to classify the intent and the sentiments of the text. It is a part of the Salesforce platform. NLP is a part of Artificial Intelligence where the system can analyze and understand the user’s language. It describes the interaction between computers and human language.

Einstein Language uses the NLP models to recognize the emotion behind the client query. It can support the organizations into automatic email replies and is also helpful in forwarding the requests to the required teams. You can use the Einstein Language API to analyze the text that a customer enters into the service request form. Based on the API’s analysis, the service request can then be routed to the correct team. Also, it can decrease the manual work and understand the conversations with accuracy and with fast responding time.

You can easily customize it into the Einstein bot which can help you in handling your clients 24 hours. Einstein Language can be integrated into apps, social media channels, and emails. For now, it only supports the English language.

Einstein Language contains two types of NLP services:

  • Einstein Intent
  • Einstein Sentiment

Einstein Intent

Einstein Intent API divides the unstructured text into user-defined labels to make it understandable what users are trying to say. This API can be used to analyze text from emails, web forms & chats and can help in the following ways:

  • It describes the prospects in which products they are interested in and then sends the customer inquiries to the right sales team.
  • It also forwards the queries to the correct department or also provides self-service options.
  • It helps to understand the customer posts to provide self-service in your communities.

Einstein Sentiment

Einstein Sentiment API classifies the text into the positive, negative, and neutral classes to understand what customers are trying to say with their words. This API analyzes the emails, social media, and text from chat and help in the following ways:

  • It identifies the sentiment in the prospect’s mail to trend a lead.
  • It provides a great service by helping dissatisfied customers first or extending promotional offers to satisfied customers.
  • It also analyzes how people value your brand across social media and also notices customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Einstein Language

Benefits of Einstein Language API

  • It improves customer service by analyzing their entered texts.
  • It can reduce the manual work and can handle the clients 24*7.
  • It can handle multiple customer queries at a time and can route the query to the correct departments.
  • It can also help the sales team by giving recommendations on the basis of text in targeting the customer at a higher rate.

The users can use the Einstein Language API to improve their interaction with Customers and with automatic and timely replies. And that’s what you get with Einstein Language API. Happy Reading!!

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