Salesforce Einstein Vision API

Salesforce Einstein Vision API is a part of Einstein Platform which you can use to develop AI-enable apps for image recognition. Einstein Vision enables you to know the power of AI and train deep learning models to recognize and classify the images. You can use the pre-trained classified or can train your custom classifiers to resolve the use cases.

Salesforce Einstein Vision

Images contain the contextual clues related to your business, including your customer’s interest, your inventory levels, and also the product quality. You can use these types of clues to know the efforts of your sales, marketing and service team so that you can get new insights about your customers, and based on it you can take the actions.

With Einstein Vision, you can also bring the capability of image recognition to CRM or to any other third-party apps by which the end-users at the sales, marketing, and service can understand their customers and predict the outcomes which can lead to the right decisions.

Possibilities With Einstein Vision

here are a fair amount of possibilities with this application which are as follows:

  • Visual Search
  • Brand Detection
  • Product Identification

Visual Search - It expands the ways that your customer can discover your products and will lead to rising in sales. It also provides visual filters to the customers to find the product online as per their preference.

The customers can also take photos of your products by which they can decide whether to make purchases online or from the store.

Brand detection - It analyzes your brand across all possible channels to maintain the brand value and to increase your market reach. You can better understand the customer interest through their social media images.

It also analyzes user-generated images through the communities to improve products and quality of service.

Product identification - It increases the possibility that you can check your product for better customer service. It identifies the product issues before sending them to the field technician to increase case resolution time.

It also provides the details related to which products are out of stock to streamline inventory restocking.

APIs of Einstein Vision

Einstein Vision consists of three APIs which are as follows:

  • Einstein Image Classification:- It trains the deep learning models to recognize and classify the images at scale.
  • Einstein Object Detection:- It trains the models to recognize and count the multiple different objects within an image. And provide other details like the size and location of each object.
  • Einstein OCR or Einstein Optical Character Recognition:- This API uses the OCR models' alphanumeric text in an image or in PDF.

Terminologies related to Einstein Vision

  • Data Set - It is the training data consisting of input and output. Training the dataset creates the model which is used to make predictions.
  • Label - It describes the output name which you want your model to predict.
  • Model - The model predicts in which class a new input falls into based on the predefined classes specified in your training dataset.
  • Training - It is the process by which a model is created and learns the classification rules based on the given set of training inputs i.e. datasets.
  • Prediction - It is the result in which the model returns like how closely the input matches data in the dataset.

You can access the Einstein Vision from a standard REST API. You can call the service from any language which supports calling a REST API.

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