Salesforce Health Cloud And Marketing Cloud Integration


The client is a multi-specialty physician group providing patient care, health care, research, and more medical education to Illinois patients. The goal of the company is to help patients sustain long-term healthy lifestyle strategies and wellness solutions. The client had the requirement of development on the Salesforce Health Cloud Platform along with integrating it with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.


Marketing Cloud helps them with:

  • Acquiring new patients with Advertising.
  • Onboard And Engage New Patients with Email and Mobile Channel.
  • Build Loyalty and brand trust with Social Marketing
  • Make a plan and automate their Patients Journey
  • Track visiting patients to their website using Interaction Studio
  • Communicate and Guide People on their health check with Webinars Registrations.
  • Drive customer experience on Omni channels
  • Use system analytics to drive meaningful communications
  • Reach to customers on their preferred mode of communication channel
  • Increase overall ROI of campaigns
  • Help Sales with qualified prospects for easy conversion

As-Is Process

The current technology stack of Client company:

  • Pardot - Currently uses Pardot to send email communication and run engagement programs. Prospects are collected In Pardot which is used for nature programs. This is the single tool that is used for running campaigns (email, webinar etc). Marketing team tracks the email and attachments and qualifies a prospect (enquiry) to move to the sales funnel. The expert doctors team reaches out to the patients and encourages them for hospital visits.
  • Salesforce - The current CRM which has all the 1st party data. Sales team access the system to manage the new opportunities and invoices for the hospital.

Challenges in As-Is Process:

  • Low conversion rate of marketing qualified lead to Sales qualified lead.
  • Lack of unified patient engagement view with the hospital for running targeted campaigns
  • No campaigns on visitors traversing on website and opening important URLs like (Women's Health section/ Men’s health section).
  • Need to enhance knowledge portal on website and link tracking to understand patient behavior.
  • Lack of analytics driven omni channel marketing.

To Be Recommended Solution

The client is looking for marketing cloud implementation which would help them improve the marketing ROI. Below are our recommended customer buying phases which will increase the campaign engagement of the client’s business.

recomended soluton

High Level Patient Journey Design In Industry

When a patient submits an appointment form on the client website. The patient will enter into below journey.

High Level Patient Journey Design In Industry

Overall Architecture

Overall Architecture

Marketing Campaigns:


Jake is our sample prospect who visited the client website and clicked on “Learn More” on the homepage. He is navigated to the Covid Safety page where all the information about the hospital and its readiness for the patients are shown. Jake can read the information or emails from the chatbot for more information.

If Jake chooses to email, a new prospect will be created in the Salesforce and a nurse is assigned for follow-up. Meanwhile Jake receives an email highlighting the precautions the client hospital is taking to help the patients. While Jake reads through the email and clicks on treatments and fills up a “schedule appointment” form notification is sent over an email with the appointment number, date & time confirmation.

Jakes continues to receive updates from the client hospital on health benefit habits until his scheduled appointment date.


  • Analytics driven product recommendation.
  • Lead Scoring and nurturing
  • Campaign dashboard visualizations.
  • Omni- channel customer engagement journey.
  • Connect CRM and maintain customer 360.


  • Know your customer behavior across your website, social media
  • Unify the website visitor to your customer data.
  • Help generate better opportunities via multi step customer engagement journey
  • Use one system to manage end- to- end campaign and map campaign responses to the CRM data.

High Level Project Scope

Configuration/ Setup

  • Configuration of product suite - Email, Mobile, Advertising Studio and Journey Builder.
  • Configuration of custom mail Ids,
  • IP setup and email warming planner.

Journey Planner & Creation

  • Deep dive campaign requirement.
  • Map, Build, Execute Journey.
  • Create email templates and mobile messaging templates.
  • Landing pages creation.
  • Survey forms build.

Campaign Integration

  • Marketing Cloud connection with CRM
  • Google Analytics Integration

Campaign Execution

  • Target Group Creation
  • Campaign Asset creation
  • Campaign testing

Campaign Report

  • Campaign Out Of Box reports will be given