Salesforce Lead Scoring

Salesforce Lead Scoring is a powerful model which helps the sales and marketing departments in identifying which prospects are most valuable to the company and determines its current sales funnel. The lead scoring system works only when it is set up adequately and when it is used regularly.

With the Lead Scoring feature, the sales and marketing team can better judge how close a customer is to making a purchase. Marketers can use the numerous actions to contribute to the leads score which includes-

  • The number of the pages visited and searches performed on the website.
  • Whether or not the prospects downloaded any type of resources from the website.
  • And if they got to your site via any email.

These are a few distinct factors that make up a great lead scoring model.

Salesforce Lead Scoring

The Salesforce Lead Scoring systems allocate the point values to distinct actions which a lead or customer can take in the sales funnel. By examining where the lead has reached in the sales funnel, employees can prioritize their time and resources. This permits the sales team to focus on the customers who are about to finalize a sale, which may result in a higher conversion rate.

The sales teams can lead the customer to complete a purchase by focusing on the customers who already have qualified some of the specific steps in the sales funnel.

The Lead scoring model helps in distinguishing between the good leads and the rest of the lead which will be ignored by the system itself to save time.

Salesforce is an amazing place to implement the lead scoring feature as the Salesforce system contains all the leads, contacts, and accounts information.

Your organization will obtain two benefits by building the lead scoring process in the Salesforce which are as follows:-

  • Enriched the data with the demographic attributes that can be easily added.
  • All of the recorded sales activity can be used within your scoring formulas.

Predictive Lead Scoring

Once your lead scoring system is organized, and collaboration between the sales and marketing has reached a good stride then it is the right time to focus on predictive lead scoring, which is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Predictive lead scoring does the research and calculations for the organizations automatically. This lead scoring technology takes a platform equipped with AI and a lot of data, so most of the companies who use predictive lead scoring can have thousands of customers and therefore enough information to make the algorithm as accurate as possible.

Regular Use

The lead scoring systems are only as successful as the frequency in which they are being used. Sales teams will be able to get the most out of their lead scoring strategy if they rely on the system daily to determine which potential customers to focus on.

If they don't rely on the lead scoring system, and the sales team starts contacting the leads who are still in the interest or in the research phase then the organization will be unable to see a high conversion rate. This can, in turn, affect the profits of the company or the sales projections.

The same goes for the marketing team.

Benefits of Lead Scoring

  • With lead scoring, you can filter out high quality leads that are likely to convert.
  • Increase the conversion rate.
  • It will give a clear idea about the lead quality.

By creating Salesforce lead scoring as an integral part of your sales and marketing, you can ensure a high conversion rate. The efforts and resources required to implement this metric helps your sales and marketing teams become more efficient. It helps the Sales team to prioritize leads, and identify leads that should be pursued.

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