Salesforce Learning Paths To Advance Your Salesforce Skills

Salesforce always provides the best learning platforms and has developed numerous learning platforms where anyone can easily learn new skills from anywhere. Users can easily access the learning pathway when in need.

Trailhead is one of the best learning platforms which Salesforce has created. It creates a marvelous impact on the learners' life and helps them in enhancing their knowledge.

Trailhead has made a great impact on the learners and its success has led to the launch of another platform i.e. myTrailhead. It is the digital skilling platform for the sales and the services teams.

In present times, Almost all Employees like to work in organizations where they can learn new techniques to become experts in a particular area. Due to the rise of the Pandemic situation, the demand for digital learning has increased as the companies also want their employees to get more skilled in the Salesforce technology. And businesses need a pathway to skill up their employees from anywhere.

For the solution, Salesforce has announced Salesforce Learning Paths by which the employees can learn from anywhere and can enhance their skills. Salesforce Learning Paths will be a freebie and it will be available with Salesforce Summer Release for Salesforce customers.

Salesforce Learning Paths

With Salesforce Learning Paths, employees can learn in the flow of work, when and where they need it most.

Salesforce Learning Paths empowers the companies by enhancing the knowledge of their employees with just-in-time and personalized learning in the flow of work. It brings the Trailhead into Salesforce and provides a relevant & flexible learning environment to the employees. Without leaving Salesforce, the employees of any company can learn with different types of content, videos to get success from anywhere. Even the leaders, managers, and admins of the organizations can personalize the learning across their teams to make them experts in the field.

By Salesforce Learning Paths, the employees can learn in a single Salesforce environment. With the new Learning Home in Salesforce feature, the employees can take control of their career development. Even they can view the different assignments, track their progress, and can find new learning paths to build up their skills and knowledge.

Learning home in Salesforce

Benefits of Salesforce Learning Paths

  • Learn directly in Salesforce - Relevant learning content to the employees in the context of the employee’s work when they need it.
  • Customize learning - Provide a personalized learning experience for the individuals, teams, and the whole organization.
  • Drive and analyze the engagement - You can check the learning progress of your team in real-time and even the employees can engage themselves with different kinds of assignments. HAPPY Learning!


Salesforce Learning Paths To Advance Your Salesforce Skills