Marketing in our fist- Salesforce Mobile Studio

An era of Digital India and a period of online strategies! The world has become in reach of our fist. We are technically advanced and thus the virtual and real scenes are really helping us to reach our goals and to fulfill our dreams. Communication always did connect us for our betterment and for our upliftment. Likewise, here we can say that a mobile phone has really made our life easy and hassle free.

 Salesforce Mobile Studio

Salesforce Marketing cloud Mobile Studio helps us to reach customers on any device by personalizing our mobile messaging with SMS marketing, push notifications, and group messages. It connects us with numerous existing customers and the newbies. That also helps in offering discounts, freebies, gift cards and many more. This has made us create personalized communication based on customers behaviors, purchases and preferences. This Salesforce mobile studio works in many forms:

  • Messages of orders and shipping confirmations
  • Messages regarding transactions
  • Offering custom messages and welcome notes
  • Notifications of products and services

It is such a technology that allows one to create SMS/MMS within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Mobile studio. Partners, known as aggregators, are the one who pushes the messages to the subscriber’s phone via their SMS gateways. It is a systemic process. Many businesses at first think that SMS won’t help them in their field, but later they chase back the messaging process to trigger their targets and to expand in business. Messaging grabs the attention as many people have no time to listen the same over a verbal contact, thus if the message is being sent, then they could at least have a look at their leisure time and can get back to the source if they find the subject useful. SMS also helps to target tough geographic markets. Like Mobile Studios, we also have Email Studio, Social Studio, Ad Studio, and Web Studio. All of these surely enhance the business platforms to the triggered targets.

 Mobile Studio

There are various features of Mobile Studio, such as it is compatible with multiple communication types which enables one to connect with the customer at any point of time. Secondly, quality templates allow you to build videos and images into your Mobile Marketing content for quick and effortless delivery. Also, it never misses a live opportunity to engage with your customers, which is a real-time automation. Still, few brands feel that mobile clouding isn’t helpful like the traditional desk method to reach the customers, but if the business omits the mobile studio then surely they will miss the other group of customers. As said earlier, in this era, our generation is growing technically in a smarter and easier way, so why not use advanced technology to serve, share and rise in all possible spheres? Thus, you can choose, customize, and develop Marketing Cloud which is in alignment with your business case and provides an easy solution to personalize your interaction with your customers.