Salesforce To Salesforce Integration

Salesforce to Salesforce is a feature which allows organizations to share records among Salesforce organizations. Partners and Customers can collaborate within and across Salesforce organizations more easily and effectively. Users can create connections among two Salesforce organizations and publish or subscribe objects with selected fields between two orgs. Users can share the records and get updated data easily without a single line of code.


  • Track Salesforce to Salesforce activity and updates
  • Quick and easy data sharing for businesses.
  • Control the type of records and fields to be shared among organizations.
  • Easy integration and managing data in organizations.


Users would need two orgs to share the records among salesforce organizations.

In example, I have two Salesforce accounts:

1: org

2: Org

Target Org

Target Org 2

How To Steps

Step 1: Switch to classic view. Enable Salesforce to Salesforce integration in settings for both Target and source org.

Source Org

Enabling Salesforce to Salesforce is irreversible, Users can just stop sharing the records but cannot disable this functionality.

Step 2: Establish a connection between two orgs.

  • Go to connections tab
  • Create a new connection and click on Save and send invite.
  • Accept the invitation on the target org.

Establish Connection

Step 3: Publish and subscribe objects.

  • Go to connections tab
  • Go to publish/unpublish section and select the objects
  • Users can also select the fields to be published.

Subscribe Objects


Step 4: Create a new Lead in source org.

Lead In Source

Step 5: Go to the list view of Leads and select the leads you want to share. Click on forward to connections button.

list view of Leads

Step 6: Select the connection


Step 7: Now check the Leads in target org.

Target Leads

Similarly Users can share multiple records with selected fields among two salesforce organizations.


Salesforce to Salesforce integration is a useful feature which allows the salesforce organizations to share the records and stay updated on the data. If a user updates data in source org it automatically gets updated in target org. Users can build successful partnerships with other companies and expand their business interests.
Salesforce – Salesforce integration enables partners to collaborate easily & effectively across the organizations, and allows us to easily integrate & manage data in Salesforce.