Apps to document your Salesforce instance

Documentation is very essential for any user whether working on a new system or accessing a new functionality or for admins to check existing system and troubleshoot. Whatever the case be a documented system always pays off at the time of need and reduces the amount of time & effort required otherwise.

In any Salesforce org it is equally important to know about the object structure used in the org, fields & object used in implemented functionality, packages used etc. Therefore a properly maintained documentation of a Salesforce org components can help the users or admins for a smooth transition of new changes or additional functionality or change in persons or duties

There are various applications available on the AppExchange that helps the user in documenting the Salesforce instance and use that in the day to day or management purposes. Some of the popular apps which help the users in exporting the documented analysis or objects/fields report are mentioned below that can help a Salesforce user in many ways.

Available on AppExchange with a free and pro plan, Elements. Cloud provides insights for your org and allows to clean up & documenting an org. The Org is shown in an explorer view with the insights like field usage, Attach notes, links, process diagrams and images. There is a prerequisite of an Elements Catalyst user account and a package that can be installed and is a free connector. It works for Lightning & Classic and provides a central source of Org documentation and collaboration by attaching existing and new content in any format including notes, images links etc. more

Astrea’s Octopus

Octopus is a native Salesforce application that allows users to document all the items in a Salesforce org. It can create a single repository of different Salesforce components including apex classes, pages, workflows, triggers, objects, Email Template, Mail Merge, Object Permission, Organisation, Profiles, Queues, Record Types, Reports, Static Resources and more. An easy to use org directory can be created using Octopus in the form of a PDF/Word/Excel document that can be downloaded for future references. A well documented org can be any Admin’s dream and this app helps in making it come true as this app removes all the efforts & time required for documenting otherwise. So anyone can use Octopus to get an org’s documentation ready with just a few clicks. This app provides options to a user for including all the components of an org and also ability to choose the items to be documented Read More

UltraCompare Pro

UltraCompare Pro is a native Salesforce app that helps in comparing two salesforce orgs at object level to compare their schema with the differences highlighted. It is an easy-to-use productivity tool to help an admin compare two orgs at a high level to identify the differences and comparison reports get generated that can be exported in Excel format. The results can be downloaded in Excel with a single button click to provide useful insights for understanding an Org, comparing two objects and to check if they are the same or different. Whether a user or admin needs org’s schema snapshot for data mapping, migration and other development scenarios more

Field Dumper - Extract Data Model to Excel

An application available on AppExchange that generates an Excel spreadsheet of the data model of an org displaying the field level information of objects. In a single sheet multiple custom and standard objects can be extracted using this app and different tabs are created in the spreadsheet for each object. The field information is displayed in a row of the spreadsheet and the information that is exported includes API Name of field, Name, DataType (text, datetime, lookup etc), Formula, Help Text, Size etc. more

Depending on your needs these apps can be very useful in documenting a Salesforce instance and creating a repository for reference and consultation as an Admin or for navigating as a user.