Salesforce App Development

Apps are nowadays used by every business and it has indeed made our life very easy. With Salesforce, users have the ability to build mobile apps faster with right tools for right tasks. Users can build apps on Salesforce with the help of code driven tools. Salesforce has Apps and Components. Components are applications developed on Lightning interface of Salesforce. Some features are absent in the Lightning design system. These components are built to provide such features and functionalities in Lightning for users feasibility. Appexchange is the app market of Salesforce. It constitutes all the apps and components build on Salesforce

Benefits of developing apps on Salesforce

  • Easily developed using point and click and code driven tools
  • Secured apps with features like two-factor authentications, encrypted offline database
  • Developers can customize User Interface according to the requirement
  • Automatic updates and easy scalability

Apps built on Salesforce can be defined in two categories:

  • Free apps - These are the apps that are available for free download on Appexchange. There are no hidden charges of these apps and are available for all the users.

  • Paid apps - These are the apps that have a pricing structure which is paid annually. These apps may or may not have trial versions. These apps are also available for download for all the users at Appexchange.

Salesforce also offers ISV and OEM apps.

  • ISV apps - An ISV (Independent Software Vendor) app is the one where developers built an app and then uploads on Appexchange for selling. These apps acts as an add-on features for the existing Salesforce users. Users can download these apps and buy them after exploring in order to enhance their working experience on Salesforce. ISV apps are used to provide more features to the existing platform.

  • OEM apps - An OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is an app which are built by the developers or organization for the purpose of selling it to customers that might not be an existing Salesforce users. These are full customized applications build on platform. OEM apps are created for a specific purpose and for a target industry.

Astrea Salesforce App Development

Astrea has expertise in developing all kinds of app on Salesforce. Astrea has over 25+ apps and 15+ components on Appexchange. Some of them are listed below-

Octopus - Octopus allows users to document all the items in their Salesforce instance. They can receive information about apex classes, pages, workflows, triggers, objects, fields and much more in a single place. User can also download these details as a PDF/Word file for future reference. Octopus is a free app by Astrea and has over 1000+ downloads.

Amanda - Amanda is a paid app on Appexchange. It is a tool designed especially for Salesforce administrators. It tracks fields that are referenced in Apex classes, Triggers, Pages, Validation rules, Workflow Rules, Email Templates, Formula, Approval processes, Page Layouts, Process builders and flows of Instance.

NASII- The NASII is an OEM app. It is a cloud based hotel PMS customized with all the hotel based operations to meet your front and back office needs. The Omotenashi is a Hotels reservation system on the cloud. Its key features are: - Reservation: Reservation, Quick Reservation, Group Reservation, Internet connection, email tool