Salesforce CPQ

What is CPQ ?

CPQ systems are in demand in the market, especially for the companies using Salesforce. Well, that is all for a good reason as they are indeed a very useful tool to boost the sales of any company with fast, efficient and accurate sales documentation. The results that customers have experienced with CPQ implementations represents a really big impact that this adoption can bring and it is mentioned in the sections below how it can be be useful to you.

Configure, Price, Quote or CPQ as we know, can be simplified as the process of providing your clients the quotes, no actually “ACCURATE QUOTES” every time and in no time. In any sales scenario the customer is the most important factor and providing them the best options and prices and correct information plays a great role in strengthening the relationship. CPQ helps in this process and lets see how,

CONFIGURE here is the process of considering the products that are the best for Customers.
PRICE is the correct price of the products for the Customers.
QUOTE is sale information presented to the client.

So, to understand this let’s think of a scenario. Astrea is a company/solution provider and you are a client looking for some Development work. You contacted them and the consultants at Astrea provides there high rated consulting services to you and added another value by explaining the solution and how you can add Salesforce CPQ to deliver your clients a great value. Just after you finished a call with them you received a Quote with explanation of the services, licenses and the best price that you is very competitive. That moment creates a very positive impact on you and you get impressed with the professional approach.

Do you Need Salesforce CPQ ?

    The answer would be based on the following questions that you can answer for yourself.
  • Do you still write the Quotes for customers manually?
  • Do you hope that the products and pricing for the customers should be right?
  • You are not sure about quotes that you send or there are slipups/mistake in the Quotes?
  • Does your customer has to wait to receive a quote and can that be incorrect?
  • Do you need to update on the opportunity and related systems, or create the recurring contract or renewal?
  • Are you still working on spreadsheets to manage your pricing structure and keeping track of accurate information and sales data shared with customers?
  • You are not satisfied with your sales documentation or it is not automated?

If you do have an affirmative for these questions then you are unaware of the potential that the Salesforce CPQ can provide and are missing a great way of managing your Sales funnel with maximum and quick deals.

How Salesforce CPQ can help ?

    Salesforce CPQ provides a flexible way of managing Sales and closing the deals quickly and accurately, with Salesforce CPQ
  • Sales reps can create create multiple quotes in a few seconds and with a remarkable efficiency
  • Tracking information synced with Salesforce becomes incredibly smooth
  • Reps can identify the customer needs and Quote process is handled by Salesforce automatically
  • Use smart rules to sell related products and relevant products only
  • Prevent incompatible products from adding on the same quote and add special pricing, terms, discounts.
  • Get the right price and automatic calculations based on your discounts or special pricing.
  • A PDF with all quote details can be send to the customers with just one click.
  • Create professional templates with company branding and send consistent & dynamic quotes. Also, can add special terms automatically and with e-signature integration closing deals will be faster than ever.
As quoted by Salesforce and their rhyme introduction to the Salesforce CPQ
  • The C is for configure. You pick out what they’ll buy.
  • The P is for price. We add it up, easy as pie.
  • The Q is for quote: A nice PDF for you.

And that’s what you get with Salesforce CPQ. If you want to learn more about CPQ, we will be happy to provide you a demo and resources, let us know at

Astrea & CPQ Implementation

Astrea is a leading Salesforce certified partner and focused on transforming businesses through the adoption of the Salesforce platform. Our clients/partners are based across different locations and varied industries and we can help you in understanding how CPQ can work for you, feel free to get in touch and contact us.